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Homey weather variable and led ring colors


Homey has just launch the weather led ring screensaver and has the variable “weather” in the tag for sometime now. Anyone knows what the colors are for the respective variables of the weather? I’m thinking of using it in my flows but so far I’ve only seen “clouds” in my variables and the animation has been spectrum or just white…

I searched the knowledge base but did not find any answers. Trying to see what I can use for my flows.

Bedeutung der LED Farben beim Bildschirmschoner Wetter

I’ve been using using this screen saver for about 4 months now. I can say after much testing … I have no idea, I believe it has more to do with the ‘type’ of weather rather then anything to do with the temperature. As even when it was 46c it didn’t really look any different.

The rain / lightning is pretty obvious, but other than that … shrug


It is indeed based upon the weather state(s), cloudy = white, sunny = light blue with a splash of yellow going around, rain = white with flashing white led’s

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