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Homey Zigbee - limit of 20 battery powered devices

hi guys, how can I overcome the limit of 20 devices when I add zigbee devices?
Right now I also have non-battery powered peripherals. but the mesh network does not use them. they all communicate directly with the controller.
Thank you.

I am not aware of a limit. I have the early 2016 homey. The mesh network indeed does not show what the real mesh network is. I expact this is a bug and hope the zigbee rewrite athom is busy with will solve that problem. I experimented with the zigbee powerplugs as routers. Without these i have connection problems with the battery powered devices. The zigbee mesh shows all the devices are 1:1 connected with homey. After plugging in the power plugs the connection problems have solved, but the zigbee mesh shows that all the devices still are 1:1 conbected with homey.

It will often take a while (minutes) before the proper routes are being shown (although, AFAIK, router devices are always shown to be directly connected to Homey, even though at least in theory, they don’t have to be).

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https://developer.athom.com/tools/zigbee Doesnt show the mesh indeed, because then you would see something like this.


Its not a bug, because its clealy saying Route


That there are some other bug that could be, like @robertklep mention a router could connected in theory to another router.

To see the routing of your devices open the page, it took some time to show the correct routing. For me example… first its showing al device connected to homey, after a few minutes some are conneted to a router and to homey.


That al the devices keeps showing a direct routing to homey doent mean there isnt a mesh, its posseble that the best routing is directly to homey.

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my network is so formed:

there are about 22 battery-powered peripherals and 3 peripherals that act as routers. all the devices connect directly to homey (even moving it). I assume it’s a homey bug as with other zigbee controllers (see zipgate) for eedomus there are no such problems.
However, trying to add a new zigbee device I always have the timeout

Changed the Title as it has nothing to do with a Pro as Zigbee is the same across all Homey Models.

Please wait 15 minutes and you will see that there will be a mesh network. At first load you cannot see any mesh, but after sometime you’ll see.

But with or without as mesh, there is still a limitation of how many zigbee devices homey can handle… Atleast, that’s my experience.

I did a full reset of my complete zigbee network, and added all my devices again. But after 17/18 zigbee devices (combination of powered and non powered) some devices are loosing connection. Completely random.

I have read that this bug was already present in previous versions 1.5.x now that we are at 2.x.x do you know if they want to correct it? it doesn’t make much sense to have a controller that does not manage more than 20 devices considering that the zigbee network should have much higher limits …

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