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Homeydash.com, a Homey dashboard

the bulb is from Ikea (zigbee).

Great initiative! The missing of a web dashboard is a big thing.

Since it is not an official app, what about security? I’m a little bit scared to give an unofficial webapp access to controll my Homey. Is my fear unjustified, or are there risks using initiatives like this?

Using a cumputer and chrome with web.css and ipad.css, the issue is when the value is displayed.

After long push when a value is displayed, the device (Ikea bulb (zigbee) ) toggles to on or off
This does not happen with my Android TAB using chrome
This is how it behaves.

On without value -> Long push, value on, and device still on
On with value -> Long push, value off and device goes off

Off without value -> Long push, value on and device still off
Off with value -> Long push, value off and device goes on

And the long push is longer then 3 seconds aye?

Aye :slight_smile:

That’s a good question! As you may have seen the login takes place at the official Athom authentication infrastructure so that should be assuring enough, I expect Homey users to at least trust Athom. When connecting to homeydash.com there is no code executed at the server serving homeydash.com. All scripts that make the connection with your Homey are run in the browser with which you open homeydash.com, the webserver just hosts the files and sends them to your device. The homeydash.com code is open source and available here: https://github.com/daneedk/homeydash.com for everyone to look at.
If you want to be in total control you can run this code on your own webserver off choice.

There is a timeout period in which the click action is blocked when a touch-and-hold is used. The tile switches to the next value after 300 msec after the touch-and-hold started, if you hold it for 3 seconds the timeout preventing the click action may very well be expired. I’ll see if I can tweak it a bit, but my first suggestion would be to release the tile shortly after the value has changed.


Well, now for some reason it is working as you describe…
Maybe some cahe or something, but all fine now…
I think it may have been something on my side, sorry about that :blush:

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Works correctly now!

I can confirm, from my profession, that what Danee is describing, is how this project works. All code is running in your browser, not in the cloud nor at Athom servers. Athom is only providing a secure login.


Also homeydash.com is running https so your connection is secured as well.


How do I change the dim level? Holding the tile shows the dim level, but how do I change it?

You can’t, currently only switching devices on and off is supported.

Find the custom made (credits to @DaneedeKruyff) icons!!


The dashboard is updated to version 1.0.2

These are the changes

  • Added Czech language file (cs)
  • Sort items in battery info panel empty to full
  • Redesigned top bar
  • Formatted dim values
  • Dim capability updates in realtime

(Pages may be cached, please be patient when the changes aren’t available for you yet)


There are a couple of errors/bugs in the Swedish language file. Would be nice if you correct these!

Under “text” a more appropriate translation would be as follows:

    "good": "God ",
    "evening": "kväll",
    "afternoon": "eftermiddag",
    "morning": "förmiddag",
    "night": "natt",
    "today": "I dag är det ",
    "the": "den",
    "of": " "

Under “weather” there is a missing “n + space” in the “title” entry. I suggest the following change:

    "title": "Väderinformation för ",

The headings for “favorite-flows” and “favorite-devices” are rendered as “UNDEFINED”. Could it be that this is because of the dash? There are actually no corresponding dash looking in the english file.

Thanks for your great work!

As a add-on to that, the correct swedish one for those two should be without any type of dash/space as it is “Favoritflöden” and “Favoritenheter”.

Thanks, I’ve corrected the translations.

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Great update.
Dim values are really realtme now! Awsome work :ok_hand::ok_hand:

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I’m using my ubiquiti unifi equipment for presence. I can see all the options fine. I was wondering if it is possible to make the button orange (like when I have a door open) when the phone/client is not connected to wifi. This is how it looks now when it’s connected. When it’s disconnected it shows a very low number. In the homey app I can see it’s disconnected.


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Hi folks, i´ve been know stalking these HomeyDash threads for while now and wow, what a nice job you´re all doing so thanks for that.

I´m using @DaneedeKruyff files from github running lokally and i´ve noticed that the themes only works in an ipad 4 and more. In my 2 and 3 the data does not load only the main design is shown but without data collection… Is this supposed to be this way?

Thanks/ Marius