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Homeydash.com, a Homey dashboard

Not at home atm but will test this tonight if no one beats me to it

Oh would be great to cast from the nest hub to the tv and get it working. But for now I ordered it to just see the data on te nest hub instead of the tv.

I am so happy with my Homeydash “frame”! I still had an old nexus 7 tablet laying around.

What do you guys think?


Yep that works without problems, works perfect here!

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@Gruijter has released a new app that makes Air Quality information from openaq.org available in Homey.
That information can also easily be made available in homeydash.com


I had mine 3D printed in black to match the light switch.
Originally made for Homewizard; a new one would be in landscape.
The power supply is neatly integrated in the bottom of the housing.

(Low-res picture; I’ll post a better one later on)


Is it possible to put the homeydash URL behind a log in or are there other options to make it more secure? I don’t want any strangers controlling my coffee machine or heating :).

I want to use an easier URL but are not into programming myself, how do I set this up?

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I have the dashboard on Google hub, after every start I have to adjust the settings. I save settings.

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Seems I have the same issue.

Any idea, how to reload the homeydash automatically?
The homeydash in chrome is fine, the dash at the old ipads doesn’t get the actual values after restarting homey during the night.
(I have to restart every night, otherwise the RAM is completely allocated and the homey start do to strange things :face_with_raised_eyebrow:)

@Ria_Banis @Sharkys I don’t think settings can be saved on a hub, you’re not opening homeydash.com on the device after all, you’re casting it to it from another source. (But I can’t test it as I don’t own a hub)

@Tequila329 This has been mentioned before in this topic, you will have to reload homeydash.com manually once after the iPad is restarted, that’s something in the way an iPad works, not homeydash.com

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Maybe there is a misunderstanding :slight_smile:
I do not restart the iPad, i restart the homey. The dash on the iPad has the values before homey’s restart.
2:45 o’clock in the morning are the last values the iPad shows up. At this time the homey is restarted.
The Dashboard at the PC (with Chrome) shows the correct values, even without reloading.

Ah, ok. Result will be the same you have to manually refresh homeydash.com on the iPad, guess the session timeout on an iPad is more strict than on the PC with Chrome.

Correct, when i reload it manually the dashboard is fine.

Are you sure this is still necessary? On my system, I did this also in the past, but for me, it is not necessary anymore since the last Homey firmware (homeyVersion “2.5.2” 20 day’s ago)

Little bit OT: Yes, tried it two times the last days. Countdown timer are running faster without restart, lights via hue bridge are not correctly switched on/off. etc…


you could use a Kiosk app, there you have the option to make session updates.
I use it on my own iPad for my Weather Station dashboard. :slight_smile:

I use Sitekiosk

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Hi danee,

I’m using it on a Google nest hub for some time now. Every night a plug switches off the power to an extension cord with some adapters and the hub plug.

In the morning when I wake up the power switches on again and the hubs boots to homeydash. Normally my settings like the clock would be the same but recently all the cog wheel settings are gone after reboot.

Now a reload of the page keeps the cog wheel settings but a reboot / ptp makes it forget my preferences.

I think it’s Google who changed something but just to be sure, has anything changed on your side wich could cause this behavior?

2nd, is there an url addition to force the clock and/or other cog wheel settings?