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I also use the same token on 4 devices (tablet, phone, 2x PC), never a problem, so I guess this is not the issue.

How/Would it be possible to show both the current and set temperature is a (virtual) thermostat icon?

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Not with the implementation of Homeydash.com.
It’s a generic implementation and it’s showing the attributes of each device in a cycle after a long press.
This way Homeydash is able to integrate every device independent of it’s specialized attributes and their meaning.

My example with current/target temperature is a modification in a self hostet version. This is device dependent and not useful for a general view like Homeydash.com

Thanks for the explanation @RonnyW !
In that case I will start hosting my own implementation. Could you share your implementation with me?


As this is the topic about the online version of homeydash can u share that in the other topic or via pm plz?

feature request,for people like me with more homeys , the name of the homey on the page ?

Maybe LOGO URL or BACKGROUND URL can be (mis)used for this?

that is not an option for me, the problem with 4 homedashes in one browser session is the variables put in the page will be taken over by the other homedash pages

Meanwhile u could make a virtual device and call it Homey 2 and put it in ur favorites in the first spot?


How do i get the values such as current temp lighting level etc in the icons/buttons itself?

I only see the values when i press them and they popup, on several screenshots i see that they are constantly visible.

I tried the online version and the local version (running on my NAS) but on both i do not get those values.

press and hold for a longer period on devices with a number capability.

Is there a way to enable this by default?

When using a kobo reader does this also work using home.ink ?

@DaneedeKruyff I have a suggestion for another feature. Would it be possible to show for sensor devices (thermometers etc) an overview of all measured values when you press it (temperature, humidity, etc?)? Same press used for lights to get the dim slider pop-up I’m thinking off.

At the moment I can only see one value on the tile, which is fine, but sometimes I would like to see the others as well.

Just an idea, nice to have :slight_smile:


PS posted this suggestion first in the Dutch homeydash topic by accident…

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Then you should use visit Homey.ink. With a little (and some more) tweaking of the code it is possible to do that there…

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U mean ofc: u can download the files for Homeydash and host it on ur own server. That way u can tweak whatever u like.

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I know, and I could, but also like the easy use of homeydash.com. In general I’m very happy with the online version.

It is just a suggestion for @DaneedeKruyff, if he doesn’t see any use, also fine. I’m just hoping to inspire him :slight_smile:


It’s a good suggestion, I had this in mind when making the slider popup.

I am however not sure if I am willing to spend more of my spare time into homeydash.com, the recent comments made by Athom on Slack have taken away all motivation.


You are not making it for them, you are making it for the community and hopefully also for yourself. So whatever they said, please don’t give up, we don’t have alternative and it will be a realy pity for everyone else except Athom.


How utterly sad!

I am speechless.