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How do you get the ClientId in the MQTT Client settings?

I can’t get connected with the ESP


In order to set the ClientId in the MQTT Client settings you need to check the chekbox “Enable to provide a custom Client ID that is used when connectiong to the broker”. At first I set the ClientId but disabled it afterwards.

Are you having problems publishing a topic or subscribing one?


I have a problem with connecting, i’m using this piece what i copied from you.

//Connect MQTT
if (!client.connected()) {
client.setServer(mqttServer, mqttPort);
Serial.print(“Connecting to MQTT server “); Serial.print(mqttServer);
while (!client.connected()) {
if (client.connect(“1234”, mqttUser, mqttPassword ))
} else {

And as a ClientId I have set 1234


Did you double check your configuration options for the MQTT Client in Homey?

Here is a quick checklist:

If none of these help, what is the error message you’re recieving?


Yes portnumber 8883 and ip (of Homey)
Yes is running
Yes added the same user as you test and uno
Yes dubble, triple and more checked

How can I see the error message?


you can use this with homey. mqtt or http request.


add to your else statement


One more important thing!
Since you are connecting to mqtts use WiFiClientSecure instead of EthernetClient when you are defining your PubSubClient client


I’m using the WiFiClientSecure allready.
The code I 'm getting back is -2, I can’t find what that means


These are the possible values for client.state()

#define MQTT_CONNECTION_LOST        -3
#define MQTT_CONNECT_FAILED         -2
#define MQTT_DISCONNECTED           -1
#define MQTT_CONNECTED               0


Looks like if I search the internet that they are not on the same network, but they are. Strange…….


Have you tried using port 1883, just regular mqtt without the selfsigned certificate?


This just sucks…why stop supporting a good thing? It is even advertised https://blog.athom.com/homeyduino-connecting-creations-homey-easy-way ???. One of the reasons I use homey was the homeyduino integration(I believe I’m not the only one). It is always something with athom. Always some thinkering required… In the end we would be better of using open source software and rasberry PI.

I went from free opensource to 300€ homey just because I don’t have the time to solve problems like with opensource. As I don’t wan’t to throw 300€ away I put lots of energy into some sollution anyway and then one day something changes and you need to do it all over with some different sollution if at all possible!!!

Homey has potential but everything takes so much time… There were many promised sollutions with homey few years back and now website on trello https://trello.com/b/aYBmd9Ru/athoms-public-timeline-for-homey page doesn’t exists anymore. Why? Just to wipe the promises that were made and never realized?

Just getting frustrated with athom and the way they operate(just make promises and verry little progress). Something so essential in home control is 3-clamp power meter from aeotec and they don’t even support that. Openhab supported this aeotec 3-clamp meter 2 years ago. And aeotec is created and maintained by athom just to be clear.


TLDR? HomeyDuino is still supported…


ITs not really…

I mean… it doesnt work… that was highlighted to Athom through a support requests and they are moved to a release schedule in 2 days…

that saying to us… Ya we know there is an issue and we are going ahead anyway without fixing it


It’s impossible to fix everything and someone has got to pay for rent and food. I have some regressions for 1.5.13 -> 2.0 which really bother me (telephone on/off charger for example) and I submitted a request… And that was something that was working perfectly for android-users… But you know that’s another discussion which has nothing to do with Homeyduino…



The OP queried whether Homeyduino is supported on v2. 0

At this time it is not because they are releasing it without support

We don’t want some one else reading this and based on your comment say… Homeyduino is supported


I heard from some guys that are allready running 2.0 that they don’t have any problems, so I will take the gamble as I’m not getting MQTT to work.


You might have heard me say that… Any devices added before the 2.0 upgrade work fine… You cant add new devices now


Sorry about that, didn’t read that. So as long if the device is allready there it is not a problem.
Else it is fubar….



Here is one more that need Homeyduino for my Nodemcu projekts…

when i try to add the device everything works like expected, it finds the device etc, but no device is added to Homey after this process…

Hope we can solve this:)