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It should work, but I can’t test it myself. I have received successful reports but that was from people that were already using the app, and thus already had installed their thermostats.

If the screen is white after ‘follow the instructions’, that means that it cannot find any thermostats for some reason. The most common fault is username and password errors, but I assume you did check that :wink:

Can you restart the app, try to add devices and then submit an app diagnostics reports? This is done via Settings / Apps .



Do not see diagnostics report under apps.
System does show “send log” but that seems to be for Athom employees (gives a code that must be send to the employee)



I think you need to press the CTRL button and then hover over the app’s name. Then you’ll get an option to send a diagnostics report. It is a bit hidden.


It was the ALT button that shows the hidden option
Report is sent


I have received the report, thanks!

Did you try adding a device before sending the report? I see a successful start-up of the app, and retrieval of your account details from the Evohome ‘cloud’. But I don’t see any pairing attempts. So that might be 2 things:

  1. you didn’t try to add a device :wink:

  2. somehow it doesn’t start the pairing process (which almost immediately should output some logging).

In case of 2 , this can also explain the white screen. But then I cannot see anything in the logging why it wouldn’t work.

Can you confirm that you did try adding a device before sending the logs?


What I did:
1 restart the honeywell app (settings apps)
2 try to add a device: devices, plus sign, homeywell then select thermostat, white screen wait for instructions
3 settings, apps, sent report


I will soon be delivered my new (build)home. In this house I have seen the honeywell round wireless hanging and an ordinary honeywell round.
what should I pay attention to if I can connect it with my homey?


Hi all, a question:

As a Evohome user i now connected it to my Homey and am very happy with the functionality at the moment. However if someone changes a temperature setpoint (via the homey app) on one of the radiators in the house i would like to log this.

To log the temperature change is no problem, but how can i also log which user is doing this action?
Does anyone have a flow example for this?