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I notice that the reported actual temperatures are in 0,5 degree intervals. Is there a way to increase the accuracy to 0,1 degree intervals?


Honeywell was down last weekend due to maintenance (I got that message when I opened the Honeywell app on my phone because Homey could not set temperature when I asked)
Since then I cannot control the heating with Homey anymore. (Google nest tells me: 1 or more device is offline, repeating this for the same amount of zones I have in the house)
I went to the Honeywell app settings in Homey, restarted the app and received the message my login/pw was not correct. I updated the credentials and restarted the app. I didn’t receive the credential error anymore, but still can’t control the heating.

So my questions are:

  • am I the only one with this issue since last weekend?
  • did Honeywell changed something in their API so changes in the Homey Evo Home app are required?

UPDATE: I removed the app, reinstalled it and all is fine.

The problem is still going on… If I ask my nest mini to shut off the heat it says: 1 or more devices are not available. You try try to set up the devices again. This seems to be an issue after upgrading to Homey v5. I do see the thermostats in every room, with the correct temperatures (both in Homey as in Google home). I can adjust temperature per room with voice command. I cannot shut off or turn on the heating in general. Any idea’s?

Hi John, sorry for the delay. Which App version are you using? There was an issue with the 3.0.3 version, which I now updated to 3.0.4 , that should work. Let me know if you still have issues. Ideally, send a diagnostics report from the app, so I can have a look at what is happening.


When will you place a v3 version in the stable app store? Any reason why you don’t push it?
Some people are still on v2 from 2019-04-02

So it lacks changes that have been done more than a year ago:

  • V3.0.2 2020-02-11 : Added low battery detection for Thermostats
  • V3.0.0 2020-02-10 : Rewrite to include multiple locations for Thermostats

Well @ralfvd , I was about to say: “what version v3…” :slight_smile:
I have, according to the appstore, the latest version which is 2.2.0

So I have to second the the request of @rvdeijk

Look here: Honeywell Evohome | Homey

AHA, thanks @JPe4619 :wink:

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We know, the question is why does it take more than a year to push it to stable. Not everyone is familiar to have a look at the test app store. If there is a valid reason, fine. But inform the user if we have to test something specific to release it for everyone.

Don’t ask me, I’m just passing the links,


@JPe4619 I did it multiple times, still waiting for the answer. And thanks for the link of course :slight_smile:


Okt 2020

Febr 2021

April 2021

Hi @ralfvd

So I upgraded to v3.0.4 and problem still present.
I removed the app, then reinstalled it, gave my credentials and placed all thermostat in the right rooms. Also synced devices in google home app.
When I ask to shutdown heating ‘zet verwarming uit’ → 1 or more devices are unavailable, you can try to reconfigure the devices. Changing the temperature in specific rooms works flawless with voice command to google nest mini and with flow cards.
It just does not want to shutdown the heating (or power it on when off) since the Homey v5 upgrade)

crash report id: 54a64acc-6fc2-4ded-a998-09717ceee4aa

Thanks for checking!

Hi John,

I’ve sent you a private message via the diagnostic tool.

Are you sure a flow is started when you issue the command? Please create a flow where you shutdown the heating system, and execute it manually by testing it.

If that doesn’t work, please submit a diagnostic report immediately after the execution of the flow.


Hey all,

Regarding the test version, it was not stable enough for release to stable; it generated a lot of internal errors which in edge cases could crash the app. And the low battery indication didn’t always work as expected.

Due to lack of time I wasn’t able to track down and fix the issue, it is still not my full time job to develop Homey apps :wink:

I do want to thank the people who donated in the past, that really helps motivation and therefore development.

In the next couple of weeks, I will dedicate more time to the Evohome app, I have already fixed some things (test is now on 3.0.6) and if the internal errors are gone, I can push it towards stable. And then continue development, there is still enough to fix or implement.

Again, thanks for the patience and the donations, both are appreciated!


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