Honeywell Lyric T6 & Nsure energy (P1) meter


Hi there!

I received a ‘free’ Honeywell Lyric T6 and Nsure energy (P1) meter from my energy supplier and I was looking forward to connect them to Homey.
However, I don’t seem to find an app for this.

Found a topic about the Honeywell Lyric T6 on the old forum (, but it looks like there was never a publication of the app.

Anyone who has been able to connect these devices straight to Homey?



Same here, was caught by Essent as well :wink:

Maybe the developer can share his/her work with us so we can move forward on it? If needed I will try and build a homey app for the t6 myself.


You can find it on Github:


Thanks! I contacted Honeywell to see what’s what. Seems they lack interest in providing support on this, but maybe if we keep pushing at some point something will start moving.


I steer it with Homey thru IFTTT, however the honeywell api has lateley not a stable connection with IFTTT and sometimes this does not work

Now also using Apple Woning, which does still has a stable connection to the Lyric. I have virtual Homey devices in Woning and run an automation script on an ipad to set temperature. Only problem is that Ipad must remain inside the house for this.