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How community developers get awarded by Athom


To add on that: There have been some devs in the past, before this was in place, who deleted their repo’s and forced Athom to pull the apps from the store so people were left with less functionality… So I have no problem with it… Other agreements with Athom are possible but for that you have to contact them…



Yeah, like the heating schedule app for an example.

But it should be an agreement when you upload an app that says Athom is allowed to use the app if the developer does not want to maintain it anymore, but it shouldnt be nessecary with a long legal agreement noone can understand…


What is the heating schedule app?


Once there was a functional app for setting your thermostate-schedules. However, the developer pulled that one and doesn’t have to source anymore (or is unwilling to provide the source).


Man that sucks because it sure is something homey is missing. Maybe we can motivate someone to work on a new one :slight_smile:


Why would deleting a repo cause Athom to pull the app from the store? Published apps are not downloaded/installed from Github, they are downloaded/installed from Athom’s servers, so there’s no problem when a developer deletes a repository.

Also, one of the requirements for apps to be submitted to the app store is that they are open source (that is, they should come with an Open Source license), which means that even when the developer deletes their repository, because of that open source license Athom retains the right to publish the app through their app store, and they are allowed to use forks/copies of that app’s source code (provided they made one).

That’s why I don’t see any reason why Athom, like they have in the past, warrant any requests from developers to simply remove an app from the store.


Of course you are correct regarding the installing-part.

Athom forces apps to be OS by means of the agreement @Davy is talking about, I was talking about the time before this agreement was in place when no OS license was enforced, only claimed.


I’m indeed in the same boat. I have 9 apps with around 1600 installs. Not a whole lot but still …

I have come to the conclusion that most users are not willing to pay for using my apps. On the old forum I was one of the first to suggest a donate button in the app store as I would thought user would donate if they appreciate apps. Since it has become available I have received about 10 donations from these 1600 installs so I guess I was wrong about these donations but I’m fine with that. I develop these apps as a hobby and I dont require anything in return.

But I must say that I now feel some sort of pressure to make sure my apps are running fine on firmware 2.x. Since I dont want to upgrade my production Homey yet that creates a dillema and even somewhat kills the pleasure of having this hobby in the first place.

I have come to my own conclusion that the apps I have published in the app store are provided as is. I’ll do my best to provide support for them but I’m not gonna force myself to upgrade or try and troubleshoot issues that occur on firmware 2.x. Unfortunately that might effect the users of my apps but I hope they understand I do this for fun.


I don’t remember “signing” that agreement when I first published any of my apps (although I could be mistaken, however, I don’t have a signed and/or e-mailed version of the agreement, which makes it void anyway).

The agreement also doesn’t force the code to be Open Source: it only provides a license to Athom (specifically) so they can use the code of the PR.


I’ll keep supporting and donating you! :smiley: <3 Bluesound.


I could agree more. A good discount on a Homey would also help. After all we help to make it succesfull.