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How do I use Virtual Thermostats / combine Apps "Virtual Themostat" with "Heating Schedule"?

In my house I have created a multi zone heating system, by using a couple of Eurotronic Spirits valves, a bunch of Aqara temperature sensors and flows that overrule the ThemoSmart controlled centrally placed thermostat.

The setup is simple: every 5 minutes a flows checks if the actual measured temperature in a zone is lower than the desired temperature. If so, heating is needed. Another flow triggers the central heating system. If the desired temperature in all zones is equal or greater than the measured temperature, heating stops.

Later I started to use the App “Homey Heating Schedules” as the simplified and reduced a lot of flows.

In that App a suggestion is made to make use of the App Vthermo.

I have installed it, but am not sure how to use it…What would be the benefit of virtual Themostats? Who can show me how to use this in flows?

Thanks for any suggestions and examples!

I asked the same queston in the Dutch section of the forum. To broaden the scope, I posted in English too.

When you make a vthermo and place it in the desired room , you can use heating schedule to make a schedule that sets the desired temperature in that room and triggers the vthermo. (So lots of less flows needed)

You need a (virtual) thermostat in every room you want to trigger. Connected to a temp sensor in that same room (triggering goes automagicly) otherwise the made schedule will not work in that room. I use 10 vthermo , 1 for every room, they switch on my ir heating panels, per room on the desired temperature.

Thanks for your answers, @Jaxc

This is exactly what I don’t understand!

I use Heating Schedule (HS) to control the temperature in a zone. Why add a vthermo? You state that it gets update by HS, but what does it do? I see no purpose… HS schedules and sets all temperatures in all zones. Why the VThermo Stat?

Sorry if I don’t get it!