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How to change distance for comming Home

Hello everybody…

I am lokking for a way to change my home settings …

My problem is that i want to change the GPS range…

Right now my homey registration my iphone coming home or leaving when I am about 300 Meters from home…

I would like to set i up to 10-20 meters - but I cant find anywhere to do that !

Can anybody help me ?

Thanks in advace

Jurij, Denmark

maybe you can do work around, such as plant some iBeacons tags within 10-20m, when your iphone detect the signal (broadcast) from the tags, you iphone can send a webhook to Homey to start your flow.
Check out this

With the Build-In function a change of the detection radius is not possible as far as I know.
Many users use additional geofence apps on their smartphones, partly because the build-in detection is (was?) not reliable.
With the app Owntracks you can define the radius yourself. You can find an instructions here.

I also have the app Geofency in use, as @Shiki already suggested and I’m satisfied. But the minimum detection range via geofence is 50 meters with this app. However, I’m not sure if a detection radius via geofence of < 50 meters makes sense, because the accuracy is usually higher, especially when there is movement.

Edit: @Shiki, there is no need for the Webhook Manager. It works with the logic card “A WebHook was received” in the “When…” section and the logic card “>Tag< is exact” in the “And…” section.

And where Geofency charge u $5, Locative is for free!


Use Owntracks App in Homey it works great. You can create Geofences for free and any amount you want and you can use iBeacons or BLE beacons.

@Rocodamelshekima @ChrisBoer @fantross thanks for sharing :smiley: it good that you have shared different ibeacon apps and each has its pros and cons :+1: