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[HOW TO] CLI install method

Installing Node.js

  • Check Node.js version on Homey: Homey App: Settings - General - About - Node.js version
  • Download Node.js (use Homey’s version or higher) from https://nodejs.org/ and install it on your computer.

Download the app you want to install from GitHub

  • Go to the repository on GitHub (the correct link for the app you want to install is at the bottom of the app store page or given directly through the support topic)
  • On GitHub choose the right branch to install, master is usually the main branch as released in the app store but there could be other branches like a debug branch.
  • From the correct branch click the Clone or Download > Download Zip button to download the app in zip format
  • Unpack the zip file

Setup Node.js

  • Open command prompt and install the Homey CLI tools: npm install -g homey
  • Log in to your Homey from the command prompt homey login (allow access through the webpage that is opened)
  • Navigate to the folder of the app that you have extracted in the previous step
  • For help on the available commands: homey --help

For list (un)selecting Homey:

  • homey homey list
  • homey homey select
  • homey homey unselect

For running app:
homey app run
homey app run --clean
homey app run --path /path/to/my/app/folder

For installing app:
homey app install


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Here can you find a video tutorial about installing apps with Homey CLI:


Here a new video with the current way of installing apps outside the app store


Thanks a lot! With your help, I’m now on 2.1.9

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@HansieNL Does this mean that I can download an app from GitHub, make changes and install to my Homey?
I want to try a small “fix” in an existing app and see if that work.

That will be correct!

Cool! Then I can try the change on my Homey and if it works I can let the dev know. If it’s not working I can keep quiet and pretend that I didn’t even try. :smiley:

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@HansieNL Athom seem to have change where you an see the Node.js version so you might want to update your excellent guide.
Its now under Settings - General - About - Node.js version.


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I try to install an adjusted version of the Neo Coolcam app, but i keep getting “Homey Offline” after validation:
Homey is online and responding.
What am i doing wrong?

Other question: If i have the official app already installed, will a CLI install overwrite that version?

Try searching for cli homey offline. It’s a common issue, in my opinion caused by Homey’s not-so-stellar networking setup. Rebooting Homey and/or your router and/or your WiFi access point might solve it.

Yes, it will. It also will not get updates anymore.

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Please keep it on-topic. Off-topic posts will be deleted without further notice.

@HansieNL could you update this topic with the new homey package for installing apps. I send users from my apps to this topic if they want to debug their issues but it’s now outdated with the new app store and installation process.


Inhaven’t seen the new instructions yet. If you like you can send them via pm and I’ll add them to my post.

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Helaas lukt mij ook alleen stap 1.
Ik krijg helaas niet het webadres te zien van homey.

Wat doe ik fout? :thinking:

In English please.
Which step do you mean exactly? You have installed node.js, the release you want to install and installed the Homey CLI tools? (npm install -g homey)

this is the error after step 1 (what i’m doing wrong?)

Which version of node.js did you download?
Rather than using the latest, try using the one Homey uses

At moment of writing this is version 8.16.2


Not saying this is the solution, just to make sure it isn’t