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How to connect SolarEdge to Zonnepanelen app




I’m new to Homey and am installing all apps. I’ve installed the beta version of Zonnepalen app because the original one is no longer compatibable Homey (I understand). I have a SolarEdge system (w/o wifi; on the network and fully functioning with the SolarEdge proprietary app). When installing the device, I have to enter a System ID and API key. However I get an ‘unkown error’ and don’t know that to do now. I’ve used the S/N from the sticker (both with and without dashes) and have had an API created by the supplier. What could be a next step? Thanks,


Hi Wouter. I got it to work. You need to get the System ID and API Key from you installer and connect the S/N isn’t needed. The System ID is viewable in the URL on https://monitoring.solaredge.com/ after login. mine is a 5-digit number.


It works. Thanks a lot!


Can somebody explain to me how a flow works with tags in this app.
I have installed the beta version of this app. I have already a connection with my solar edge, but now I want to make a flow with it.
I have tags like Energiemeter and Energie but I realy don’t know how to use it. Thx.


Hi Marcel, I made a little flow that sends me the production at 12.30 every day. I created an alarm and within the text I used ‘Energie’, which is the current production in Watt. Is that what you’re looking for?


Hi Wouter. Thx for your reply. I already figured it out how it works with the flows.
This is exactly what I mean. I have already made a flow with it.
Grtz Marcel


Hi Wouter. Can you sent me the example off your flow.
Now, I get to much push notifications above 10 kwh(for example)
I want to get just one push notification above 10 khw.
Thx, Marcel


My flow is related to an alarm (time-based), so this doesn’t happen. I haven’t tried the other one yet.


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@ I disable the Flow after reaching the goal and activate it at 1 oclock at night.


Wouter. How do you get the powervalue out of inverter into the flow?