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How to contact Homey staff

Hello :slight_smile:

I’m trying to contact the athom’s staff without success via info@athom.com, have you another idea for me ?

Sos maybe?

No serious, you have a busniss question for them? Because on the site there stand for busniss info@athom.com

And there is also the right mail adress for support.

And in Welcome post the right mail adress is also given.

So not hard to find, but i have heard for some lunch they answer faster :rofl:

Think the easiest and best way is to contact the Support-Team: https://support.athom.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

ahahaha yes it’s a business question ! Maybe they just don’t like my question :joy:

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Thank you @CyberSponk but I forgot to say it was for a business question and that’s also the reason I choosed this “Off-Topic”

Same here :frowning:

Ordered homey pro saturday. Site claims “order before 17.00 > delivery next day” So i expected sunday delivery ( site does not say next working day )

Send mail sunday … no response … no tracker … monday no response no tracker.

Placed comment with support … still nothing.

So i paid 399 euros but can not reach anyone ??? What phone number ???

Ordered saturday and now earliest delivery will be wednesday :frowning: (IF delivered wednesday )

Maybe a stupid question, but when did you mail them?

Oh, and btw, Homey doesn’t have staff, Athom does however… :innocent:

Maybe a stupid question, but where did you order it and to what address did you send your mail? And did you get an order confirmation?

Ordered at athom.com directly.
€399 paid and deducted from bank
Mail send to info@athom.com
And yes i did get the order confirmation.

The order is “pending” at the website (Wordt verwerkt) since saturday

Wanted to switch from homewizard to Homey. I doubting now if it was a good choice :frowning: … i mean not even a phone number ?

Info is for other subjects. The correct address will be support@athom.com.
Maybe also try to tag @Bram , the support manager, so maybe he can look into this.

Yup i did this afternoon. Not @bram of course. Hope someone will respond tomorrow.

Not a very clear support subject about “ordering” also. Think i sellected “algemeen”. Did not find the support email also … just the form thing on the website


“info” is for “business”, and buying a Homey is just that.

Besides, has Athom really grown that much that the person behind “info” can’t forward an e-mail to “support” if so required?

First email: 27/01/19
Second email: 09/05/19

Both to info@athom.com

Anyway Athom’s staff (because Homey’s staff doesn’t exist) if you see my post, let me know how to contact you :slight_smile:

Here’s some people from Athom that should be able to help you further with this: @Bram @Emile @Stefan
(Yes they -do- read here)

Thanks all … for me all worked out fine

Sorry for delay but thanks all I received an email from the staff !