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How to control brightness and color temperature for leds with just 2 wires?


Hi Community!

I want to control the leds under my kitchen cabinets. They can be dimmed and the colour temperature can be changed with the current led driver. I would like to control them with Homey, but I don’t really understand how it could be done, since brightness and color temp can be changed with just 2 wires (ww+ and cw+ on the picture).

Could this be achieved with eg. the Fibaro RGBW controller? How would this be done?

Thanks for your help


As you look to your picture you see “rf reciever controller” i guess you have a remote to controle it.

So a fibaro rgbw wont work i think


ww+ and cw+ are outgoing wires.
Control wires are input wires, most of the time.


If you know how diodes work the in short it is 2 way biased by changing the power direction.

If you don’t, a LED lets the power through only in one way, letting the power go from the + to -
if you swap the + and the - the led won’t light up.

So what they do is connect the warm light from WW -> CW and the cold white CW -> WW and in the driver they can switch the power direction very fast (also kinda the way they dim a LED, though then they only switch on and off the power very fast)

This is not possible with ordinary rgb(w) controllers like the fibaro


This coincides with my measurements, cw being 12V when the light is cold and ww being -12V when the light is warm.
So no easy way to replace this with something zwave/zigbee controllable… or then just for one particular color.


With the current strip indeed only 1 color, if you change the strip you can do whatever you want of course