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How to create a "Scene"

Hello everybody!
My name is Matthias, i am totally new in this forum and would like to ask for your experience/help.

Since a few days i may call a Homey Pro my own :partying_face:!
My primary target is to control my shutters with it (as a first step).
As a test i successfully integrated one Fibaro Roller shutter 3 into the Homey App. The shutter motor is controlled exclusively via the FRS3 (No wired Switch/Button), calibrated and works as planned.
My goal is to integrate more than 20 shutters/FRS3, so i would like to create a flow/Scene/virtual Button in the App, which allows me to e.g. totally close all shutters with one Button.
I just dont understand how to create that flow…
I tried it with “virtual device” but was not able to complete the flow to close the shutter…

Can anyone help please? Thank you very much in advance!!


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Hello hôtel tango,

I am French but I will try to explain you.

You have first to create one virtual device button give him the name you what, select the type of device (in your case curtain) and into it select the actions you want to do (on off, dim, etc…) I will suggest you to select on off and dim.

Than the virtual button is ready to get flowed haha

After this you have to go on flows and create a new one

For the trigger select your button
You have to create one flow for each of them! One for the off one for the on.
As “THEN” select your shutters (all of them) and select on for the on flow as example.

I don’t know if you understand what I mean so see the pictures under for the button creation.

Let me know if you nead more help for the flows

Best regards


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Screenshot_20191010-184907_Homey Screenshot_20191010-184932_Homey

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Sorry, but don’t forget to select in settings/experience/virtual device

All in French sorry for that

Hi Sven!

Merci beaucoup pour votre aide!!!

I will try to create the flow as you wrote and let you know about my results!

J’ai appris un petit peu le français, pas de problème :wink::blush:!

A très bientôt !

Hi again Sven!!
That was it!! :+1:t2: Merci beaucoup!!

Made 2 flows, one for down, one for up, works great!

One more task to solve now…:thinking::
How can i create a “Stop”- Flow? (In case i HAVE to stop any shutter for whatever reason…)

Thanks for your help!


There is more convenient way. Use the Group app and make a group of desired roller shutters. Than you have one control for all of them. Just be aware, that if you control such amount of devices (20) at once, there can be quite a heavy zwave network load and you can experience delays in responsiveness of some devices, in worst case that some of them will not perform operation. Thats why its better to do that in sections (e.g. ground floor, first floor etc.)

Yes groups works too in my case for lights

Hi guys!
I spent some time now for trying to create a STOP flow…without success :neutral_face:.

Was someone of you successful in this case?

@Igy: thank you for your advice, but for the time beeing i have only one shutter. And as long as i am not able to perform a STOP flow for that one i wont buy the remaining 23 shutters/FRS3. Too risky :wink:! But i will keep that in mind!! :+1:t2:

@SVEN_STOFFELS: how could you/have you solve(d) this task? Or don’t you need a STOP flow?

Best regards!!


So far I know,
the Fibaro Roller Shutter 3 does not have a Stop button. Since Fibaro has removed the command class.
If there is a workaround you have to ask the App developer. In this case Athom itself.