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How to delete a not existing Zigbee device



How to delete a zigbee device that doesn’t exits any more on the network.
When I try to delete it, the systems ask to set it into learn modus. Thats not possible any more.


Just keep it on the screen where it says to put it in learning mode longer. It will time out and the device should be gone. Can take a couple of mins.



Thanks, that worked after the second try.


Well… I’m trying everything unfortunately that doesn’t function in my case… Happens mainly with Xiaomi devices… Time out isn’t appearing unfortunately…

My xiaomi network is instable, sensors are dropping their connection… I am working on a solution:

  • Ikea Tradfri Lamps on the Philips Hue network (kids are using the on/off switching on an of sometimes, and than “routers” are missing
  • Xiaomi sensors (over 40) directly on Homey… but since this is either too much or the house is too big I added 5 Trafdri control outlets to function as router

B U T since I am not able to delete devices this plan doesn’t work :frowning: suggestions are more than welcome


I had the same issues and decided to reset my Zigbee network. Its quite a task in some cases but I did end up with a new solid Zigbee network. Also make sure you dont have old or non functioning devices lying around. Or at least take out the batteries.


That’s my horror scenario with over 40 items… And but and euhm you mean “resetting” does delete all devices also?


Yes resetting will leave you without any zigbee devices. You can then start the fun job including them all again. Took me about a day to get it all up and running again.