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[HOW TO] Get started with Tuya cloud

Homey can control certain devices over Tuya cloud services as long as it’s correctly set up and Homey has an internet connection.

  1. Install the Tuya cloud app on your Homey (Tuya cloud | Homey)
  2. On your phone, install the TuyaSmart app. Create an account and sign in.
  3. In the Homey app, go to More, Apps, Tuya cloud, Configure app. Enter your username and password, along with your country telephone code. No “+” or “00” necessary, so for Sweden I just type “46” (without the quote).
    Remember to set “Business” to Tuya if you use the TuyaSmart app, or SmartLife if you use that app.
    I had to toggle between SmartLife and Tuya some times to get it in order, pressing save in between.

To add Tuya devices, follow these steps:

  1. Open TuyaSmart app and go through the adding procedure (usually involves toggling the unit and setting TuyaSmart to scan for new devices).
  2. Open Homey app and go to Devices, press + to add. Choose if it’s a Cover, Light or Switch (that’s what supported by the Tuya cloud app so far). Any devices that are available in Tuya and not yet added to Homey should be available.

To add Tuya Tap-to-run scenes, follow these steps:

  1. Open TuyaSmart app and create your scene; press the plus, select Launch Tap-to-run, Run the Device, choose your device and set it up as you like. Give it a reasonable name and press Save.
  2. Open Homey and create a new Flow. Set what start conditions you would like, and in Then: scroll down to Tuya cloud, Trigger a scene, Select an object and your Tap-to-run scene should be available there.