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How to make regular wall switches smart?


No personal experience alas. But if they act like a simple Z-Wave switch maybe including it via the Homey standard Z-wave could work.
But no guarantees since i never bought them because i solved my problem in another way.

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In your first post, i didnt see any spec’s that it had to be shelly(?). Anyhow…

The flush module (Zwave/433/Mqtt/etc) will fit behind the wallswitch/outlet, if you use modules thats made for it. I have it in my whole home.
In my case iam using qubino and aeotec flush modules for that purpose. Using my “dumb switches” connected to the module and module then controls the feeding wire to the lamp.

So its no problem, buy, install, forget: )

Some cases you do need to run a neutral wire if thats missing, in some connection boxes. I had to, for some spots, it was like 50/50. But i think qubino or aeotec (or both) can be used without neutral. Just check their web page.

Anyhow, its better to just run a neutral to that box if its missing, its quickly done.


Doesn’t have to be Shelly at all :slight_smile:

Unfortunately though, none of the flush modules fit in our walls here in Denmark :frowning: I did manage to fit a Shelly 1 in a one of our lamp outlets in the ceiling, but it was insanely tight.

The one Fibaro I have in, I had to remove a switch and put a blank in, to make it fit under the switch that controls it.

So what I did is buy 4x ZHC5010 for now.


Ok ill guess you found a solution then.

Just odd that Denmark doesnt use the EU sized conection boxes as the rest of Europe and Scandinavia(?).

Can u link the one u use, google some image?
Just curious.


Yeah it is a bit odd.

We use 50x50 Lauritz Knudsen. There’s almost no space behind anything. It is our low voltage switches that the Logic Group ZHC5010 are based on, as they are a danish company.

They come in a wide angle obviously but these are some image http://www.lk.dk/globalassets/produktbilleder/618x-article-page/opgradering_fuga_opus_618px.jpg

Try googling LK Fuga.


Just did a quick google for knudsen, just found the switches/outlets etc. I ment the wall boxes (flush). Looks like in denmark u use this type sometimes?


And a qubino and others will fit in that:)


Yeah we got wall boxes like those, depending on the type of wall obviously. But I got everything from Fibaro to Qubino, to Xiaomi, to Sonoff, to Shelly and so on, and absolutely nothing will fit. With some luck, it is possible to fit some of them in the ceiling boxes for lamps: image https://www.harald-nyborg.dk/media/images/800/9612_341372.jpg