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How to stop “Flows disabled functionaliteit” in V2.05-rc2?

I just installed the latest version of Homey V2.05-rc2.
This version is automatic disabling flows if they are used to much.
It is now disabling my battery warning flows.

How to disable the disable function?

There is no way to disable to automatic disable function, welcome to the Beta/Experimental channel btw.

If you have any issues always report them to Athom (hoped you did know that by now).

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Reported to Athom

It also happened to me today while I’ve no memory issues.
I just turned it on manually.

You can create a flow to enable x-flow every 10 minutes for example… :wink:

The unwanted (and unneeded) disabling of flows is still happening for me. Anyone knows how to opt out of this very annoying behaviour? I’m on 2.2.0rc7. Hope I can stop this…

Yep. Read post no2 in this topic.

Yes, I’ve read that, but that was from March 5. Hoping that Athom would have given us control back. It’s just insane that they made Homey decide (by itself) to just disable flows when it likes to…!! Really annoying.

If it really only disable the flows which runs more then 10 times a second or 120 times a minute i would agree with Athom. But also flows with a trigger like “every 10 minutes” are disabled so there must be some kind of bug in that system.

True. In my cases the flows do not impact Homey’s CPU in any negative sense. So Athom: fix this!!

Don’t wanna be the bad guy again but this is ofc not just about ur cases. This is the case for thousands of Homey’s. And believe me: when flows are running more then 10 times a second ur Homey WILL go banana’s! Let’s just hope they find some time to fix this bugger.

Anyone perhaps got a fix or workaround on this (in my opinion) major bug?
My sun screens don’t automatically go down anymore, which is - since this week - really a pain!

already contact athom i assume!!

Yes I did. But they are slooooooow…

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We all knowing that :rofl::rofl: