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How to structure your flows

I use almost an identical structure. it does, however, require some discipline. Some flows are fairly simple (if movement, then switch con one light) so it is tempting to just make one flow for it. Instead, the structure requires to cut up also these simple flows in two. Feels a bit like adding complexity, but it does help a lot in circumstances where unintentional or unforseen actions happen that could be triggered by several trigger-events. In these cases It took less time to identify the responsible trigger and tweak it.


I added another section with new tips atthe top…:

I lost you a bit at the logic part. What did you do with all the different values?
I like your flow attitude. I’ll see how I’ll work with it :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your feedback.
I tried to clarify it a bit (old text in italic)

Some flows are copied to set different situation/scenes.

Sometimes exactly the same flows are used, only with different values. Just to set different situation/scenes

“Helderheid” is the homey tag for the lux measurement of the hue motion sensor

In logic I created several lux settings:

In logic I created several variables that I use only to define lux Pre-sets (desired lux levels for switching)

(You can use the value in the flow instead of these presets, but I prefer to use variables because these are easier to update and can be re-used in other flows)

Now I can control the lux level that the light switch on.

  • What I do is change the value of the variable “KK is donker lux” with logic command.*

So during the day I change the that value:

Now I can control the lux level that the light switch on.

What I do is set the value of the variable “KK is donker lux” with logic command to one of the predefined values.

So during the day I change the value “KK is donker lux”

aaah, KK is donker is the minimum value when the lights don’t need to turn on.
After that they turn on, I see. And at different moments (opstaan 9wakeup) etc you set a different required “helderheid” from the motion sensor? Right?

How would you turn on " eten"’ eg?

That is correct. And I change this value based on the situation.
The cleaninglady needs more light so I change the value to turn the lights on earlier

Nope, “helderheid” is the value that is measured by the motionsensor (tag).
This value is compared to “KK is donker”

The value “KK is donker” is changed at different moments during the day, matching the need.

ah, checked.
And the need changes via one of the buttons or voice commands, or time of day right?

I use time of day.
But you can use any trigger to start a flow that set the value of “KK is donker”

Okay, I’ll start working with that! :slight_smile:

Added a new section at the top:

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Thank you for sharing your work. Could you post a screenshot from the flow.homey.app web gui with expanded folders please? This would be very helpful for me to understand your approach, rebuild my structure and clean up my mess :blush:


Thank you :+1: :grinning:

How to structure flows: Add comments to your flows
Splitting up flows can also be confusing sometimes.
For better understand and for refernece you can add comment to a flow.

I created an app that allows you to add comment.
Find the app description here
And the app here



Great work! Thanks…a lot of your flows are in dutch, it would be great all the text was also in dutch:-) Very interesting!

Great work. Structuring helps in understanding. Actually this inspired me to do it slightly different and use icons in all my flows. This gives me a much quicker insight than using special characters.
My flows now tell me what they are about (first icon) and what type they are (second icon).
I use (2nd icon) lightning for a trigger, rolling ball for a flow, clock for a timed flow etc.

Hope this helps too!


How do you use icons?

You can simply use emoticons, just like you do anywhere else.
Not only in flows, but in the naming of devices, logic, etc too, by the way…


In reply to both: on my Android Phone keyboard I can insert icons from the smiley set. When you have a couple of icons inserted you can use copy/paste them in the web version as well


If you use Microsoft Windows you can press the Windows-Key and . (dot), this will show you the Emoji Interface. Happy emojing :grin::wink::+1:t3: