Howto play spotify to chromecast audio


Can anyone explain to me how to get this done?

I have a Denon 2313 with a chromecast connected. I’ve tried many things but no results.
Keeps saying media request time out…




Spotify for Sonos App is not currently working well (or at all - for me at least) - I think you will struggle with this. I was able to get Google Play Music working without issue and casting to various Chromecast devices around my home. This post will show some details on using Google Play Music with Chromecast.


Hmmm… I just ordered my Homey kit… I must say with all the nice integrations like KNX (which is my houses backbone) i did expect Chromecast Audio + spotify integration.

Will this be created in the future? Do you know if anyone is working on it?


I guess because Spotify will not play on Chromecast native this is not possible. You need to play Spotify from your mobile to stream the output to your Chromecast.
Therefore homey can only manage Spotify on Spotify connected devices.
This is where Athom was bound by the big players