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Hue, Homey and remote



Is there any way to keep using the remote after pairing Hue Living Colors to Homey ?

After resetting the Hue and pairing to Homey, the remote doesn’t work anymore. After resetting en reconnecting to the remote Homey doesn’t work …

Can I not use them both ?


Globes can ONLY be assigned to one controller at a time, now obviously the Hue Hub is a controller, as well as Homey, but so is the living colors remote. So no you cant use both at the moment.

Now it’s funny you should mention this, because I actually have 5 of these remotes floating around, and they are damn good remotes.


I was considering looking into adding them as independent zigbee devices into Homey, but I would imagine it would be a large under taking, that may never work as they use LighLink protocol.

Your best bet is to actually contact the developer of the Hue Zigbee app and ask whether they would consider adding it. Once you can add it to Homey as a device, you could use the remote to control what ever you would like …


How did you add the living colors to homey?
I have a version with the round remote and a (older) version with the remote as shown in the picture.

I disconneted the remote from the hue, but still cant get it to connect…



Yeah you right the remote in the picture is a gen1 remote, I gave instructions on adding livingcolors here :

When you say ‘cant get it to connect’, do you mean you cant get the remote to connect as a generic zigbee device to homey?