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Hue lights turning on at random?


Since a couple of days my hue lights turn on. yesterday it was 17:42 and today 17:47.
I do’nt have any flows that could be the cause in my opinion, as it turns on all the lights that are connected to my Hue bridge.

Where should i be looking? In my hue bridge no automated flows etc are programmed. Only in Homey.
Does anyone have a clue where i should be looking??


Dont know where your Hue bridge is living :upside_down_face: but small guess that it have something to do with the time that the sun sets.


I thought so as well, but the sun set at 18:50 today in Hengelo , Holland.


and you haven`t a flow with 1 hour before sunsets? otherwise you really take a close look at your flows, or in the bridge


Install one of the logging apps (I us papertrails)
Use the function in settings to automatically add a logging to all your flow.
And check the ligging the day after…


I have checked all my flows and none make alle of my hue lights go on at once.
At this point i am clueless, tried a logger but cant be sure how it works exactly.
I found that it turns on hue and tradfri lights ( connected via bridge) always beteren 17:30 and 18:00


Doesnt looks like its very annoying, based on the reply more then a month later :thinking:

And you also checked the setting in your hue bridge? Isnt there something that put the lights on!!

Now we wait another month😛


Well its actually very annoying. I have been away for work more then 4 weeks… so had no opportunity to check.
Over the last couple of days the probleem keeps occuring sadly. I have checked my hue bridge and There is nothing i can see wrong. The times are almost the same but still random. It turns on Everything on the bridge so perhaps that is the issue?


and you also removed the connection between homey and the hue bridge. If you do that and stil the lights turned on…you know then its in the bridge and not in homey.


Not using any labs in Hue either? To me this very much such like either sunset/sunrise Homey flows or Hue labs due to the difference in time (in sunrise or sunset of course with a false offset but still).


Will try that one yeah! Thanks. Will have to keep that going for a couple of days because it doesnt happen every day