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Huge issues with Hue app after Homey version upgrade


It has not been resolved for me. Athom support is dancing around the issue, they keep telling me to restart, reinstall, remove, re-add things. Bottom line is that their update v 6 has broken the Hue app and they cannot repair it on my end.

I finally requested to replace the Homey device, to which they agreed, but keep stalling now by trying to ask to restart my Homey yet again : )) This is not really serious in my opinion.

Athom support had finally sent the replacement homey but it did not really help. Their advice is to erase Homey and re-configure it all from scratch. Yep, all devices and flow; not a happy flow.

Now the twist of this is that they want their Homey back! For some reason, they had sent me the Pro version and mine was not pro. Why on earth have they sent me the Pro, and not the same I’ve got escapes me. Now I have to pay for shipping it back. They don’t think things through.
The support guy has also threatened that if I don’t return the Pro they will stop supporting me. Because the pro is more expensive they don’t want me to keep it.

I don’t like the threats. But it also implies that I can keep the Pro device by loosing support. Not that I have seen much effect of this ‘support’ now, a lot’s of blaming ‘my software’.

What do you think?

I think it would be fair to return the pro. I also think it’s fair they pay for it, ask for a return ticket.

Don’t forget: Homey Pro isn’t a local device, it depends on Athom’s cloud servers. I wouldn’t be surprised if Athom can stop your Homey Pro from working by blocking its access to their cloud, leaving you with an expensive white bookstand.

That said: if they sent you the wrong device by mistake, they should correct the mistake by at least reimbursing you for the return costs.


Well, I was inclined to return the pro device and asked for the shipping label, @robertklep

The did not respond to it directly but said that if I keep the pro they will stop all support. Duh.

Now they realised that they can make extra money from the thing that doesn’t work!
They want me to pay 100 eur difference for the pro, and about 50 eur for ‘software repair’ which they did not manage to do. And they want me to pay for the shipping costs, for sending the pro device to me , I guess , but I am not so sure anymore. And if I pay all this they still want to stop support!

The guy had the audacity to give me a lecture on ‘my behaviour’ as well. What a bunch of unprofessional *#}%^**s.
I have rarely seen such a horrendous attitude towards clients :frowning: which is very frustrating.

Ur sure u mailed with Athom and not some fracker from :niger:?
Judging on one side of the story I hope @Emile and @Stefan does not know at all this “issue” exists!

The emails go to and from the (Athom) support@athom.com, appears to be Dutch guy.
I don’t know the guys you refer to.

After the payment request described before, here is what he wrote:

Furthermore we will consider this the last transaction between yourself and us and refrain from any further assistance or support.

I don’t think I was off-hand or smth in my communication and reasonably patient to keep asking the same questions over again, of which last 3 on re-installing homey were simply ignored. So yes, I am very surprised and taken aback by the attitude as well…

To be honest: I wouldn’t pay them. As you describe it, they made a mistake and now expect you to pay for it. They also want additional payment for something that they told you they fixed, but (apparently) didn’t.

Let them produce a test report showing that their fix worked. Also let them know that you’re happy for them to come and pick up the Homey Pro, but that you won’t pay for sending it to them by post. Make sure that you state that your intention is to return it (so when things get out of hand and they file a police report, you can show that your intention was to return the device but that it’s unreasonable for you to pay for it).

And then start considering dropping Homey altogether and use a proper Open Source home automation platform.

Yes, I asked them what they actually repaired because previous email indicate:

Let me start by saying that we have investigated your Homey fully and did a full software repair. No errors were found and all supported protocols work like they should. …
This Homey is now completely clean, so if you decide to start over with your networks, that would be your best option.

I think they just erased it or are planning to give me just another new device, but not really repaired it.

Sounds like what happened to my Homey (years ago), which got bricked during a firmware update. The fix was to replace it with another one :stuck_out_tongue: (which I never really used since I moved to Home Assistant already).

Plz let us know how this ends.

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If it were me I’d join onto Slack and send Emile, and Alex Smith a link to this thread.

Best not bother Alex with this.

I got a message from Emile, perhaps mentioning him in this thread helped.
He says sorry for my experience, and suggested to keep the Homey pro or return it free of cost to them, if I chose.

I am rather rattled by their attitude and not keen to get any free stuff from them anymore. I will leave this choice at his discretion.

Saying sorry and the choice to keep the pro is imho a correct way to close this “issue”.

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Good that it was resolved.

Id really only be satisfied though if an explanation was given… eg. A new staff member didn’t know what they were doing etc etc … Not just a… , ehh sorry…

On looking at what was said in the corespondents you had with them it doesn’t look like it was a stuff up,. What they said was fairly direct and was fairly specific, and is their company policy on matters such as this.

From reading their messages to me it looked more like their default position is to try and avoid all responsibility where possible and try and get away with what they can. Then when publicly exposed ya just get the … ehh sorry… and then do what they should of done in the first place …

I would really have to see other similar accounts from other customers before putting that observation into concrete, but what was said in those messages wasn’t a good look.

Plz keep in mind we are not reading the whole discussion they had. Things worth to quote we see, other things we may miss. It’s hard to believe the message was: “Hey sorry, u wanna keep him then? Case closed”
And there is a choice to keep the pro or send it back.
So he best makes his choice and move on. Then we can also move on with the Hue topic here.

What are your thoughts @Jumanji ?

Case closed, nothing to see here… Move along …

Well, I did not really hear ‘sorry’

I’m saddened to see you are disappointed on quite a lot of fronts. I’ve read back, and we’ve done all to help you.

You may keep your free Homey Pro upgrade, so we can close this ticket.

I guess I’m reading between the lines and hoping for good intentions. : )

Probably will keep it, as it will save me some time in exchanging the devices and I would like to put this mess behind me and start rebuilding the network anew

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Not good…

He gave ya zero acknowledgment that they made a mistake in trying to make you pay for the return shipping for what was “their” stuff up…

He gave no apology about the original staff member essentially giving you a threat that Athom will not support you or the device if it’s not returned back… (at your cost) … That probably means the unit will be blacklisted from their login server.

He just gave the old , I’m sad that your “disappointed” line …

‘We’ve done all to help you” … WTF

That’s pretty messed up …

Watching Emile on all the YouTube video’s (on the outside) he seems to be a reasonably nice and unassuming guy , but the response he gave you was sh@t…

Going on that, with no admission of a mistake being made then I guess it’s logical to conclude that …

Athom’s offical policy…

They screw up, customer has to pay for the screw up.
Customer refuses to pay, they ban the customer …

To think if you didn’t make this public your Homey would probably be as useful as a brick right now …

Totally messed up…