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Humidity control flow

Hey everyone. I have humidity sensor and xiomi humidifier. I want humidifier to work on high speed If humidity less than 40%, medium if between 40 and 50%, low if 50-60% and switch off if it is above 60%. I’ve manage to do it only with 4 flows, 1 for each step and considering it is always ON. Is it better way to organize it?

Thank you.

If it works for you, don’t question the solution :wink:

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Guess with just 4 flows for 3 thresholds so 4 states is great :+1:
Also depends on the avaliable option to switch on to a certain level.

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Might be a good advise, however I have 3 humidifiers. Along with it I have 2 additional flows for “lights off at night” and notification about “low water level”. So the number of flows scary me a bit.
And I am new with homey, I need to check that I am on the right way

I have over 380 flows, you have nothing to be afraid of, yet.


@Pavel_Karzov I think it is possible in 3 flows:

Flow 1: IF humidity Changed AND humidity Less Than 50% THEN Start Flow 2 ELSE Start Flow 3
Flow 2: IF Flow Started AND humidity Less Than 40% THEN High Speed ELSE Medium Speed
Flow 3: IF Flow Started AND humidity Less Than 60% THEN Low Speed ELSE Switch Off


Homey is not quickly impressed by the numer of flows.
I personally split up my flows as much as possible.
I wrote a post on “how to structure your flow” it might inspire you.