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iCalendar to Voice by Raymond Brink



iCalendar to Voice The iCalendar to Voice App is the missing link between your online (cloud) calendar and Athom’s fantastic Homey product. This app adds flow cards and voice triggers that enable Homey to announce your (iCal) appointments and emit triggers so you can run flows based on appointments in your calendars.



I use only use this app to start flows with events in my Google Calender like warming up my car. Maybe the project is abandonded by the devoloper?

Does anybody know if it will work with Homey 2.0?


Same here, starting stopping heating in certain rooms of the house.

Do you miss functionality?


I would Like to have a card that checks if there is currently an appointment going on.

For example:

Flow trigger (e.g. it’s 7:00 in the morning)
Criteria: is there an appointment at this time taking place with name X

X: input field.

I use the calendar to have the alarm disabled for a x hours. Using the calendar to manage what times the alarm is disabled.