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iCalendar to Voice by Raymond Brink

Beta v1.0.0 is now available in the appstore!

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Great!!! Works fine :sunny:

A trigger for end of a appointment would be great. Is that possible?

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Found a bug: When setting the trigger to 0 Minutes before next appointment it doesn’t work. It neet to be more then 0.

Another thing I figured out is, when an appointment led already to a trigger and you postpone this appointment the app will not react again.
Don’t know whether this is a feature or bug.

This is a feature. The app ignores any triggers/notifications set for events. It only uses the start time of events combined with the trigger interval set in the app’s settings screen.

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This flow does not trigger the app to say anything (although I have appointments today and tomorrow).

I’ll look into this. Thanks for reporting!

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Are the settings working again? I cant find them in the menu?
I’m running the latest homey version and the Beta Icalender to voice.

Edit: Sorry my app was still on version v0.90 - Now it is running on v1.0 and settings page is visible again.

@Brinkie Thanks for all the great work! Happy that it works again.

it doesn’t work for me yet, can someone post an example please?

Would be easier if you‘d tell us what exactly does not work.

One example.
In my calendar there is a event „Homeoffice“.

This event I us as trigger for a flow.

image image

I can’t get the app to work properly. I’ve added a iCloud calendar through the public share function. Then a trigger 1 min before a event, then send a push notification. It seams like the app can’t read my calendar. Any ideas?


If you are using Apple iCloud it has a webcal:// URL. Maybe you have to change it to http:// or https:// and check that the URL ends with .ics

All settings seem to be correct however Homey refuses to say something when I test the flow. I have triple checked the link in settings (https and .ics)?


Can you show the flow?

You use the same kind of flowcard as I do (see my post of march 8). They don’t work at the moment. My lucky guess is that it’s the same problem. Hope @Brinkie will find the time to fix this.