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ID Lock App (v1.2.2)

So by Using “who service” since its in pos nr 2 i can now make a flow that i opened the door, thanks for the tip about simple log. master is pos 1

This app needs a little love.

Hello @TedTolboom, and thank you for all the effort you’ve put into this this app.

I am enjoying using it, and I wonder if you have any plans for updating it in the near future to comply with the new FW updates from ID lock?

Especially an update to get the possibility to set the service code, and get the correct index reported would be highly appreciated.

I fully understand that this is something you do in your (probably) limited spare time, so I respect that updates take time.

To show my appreciation for the app, an hopefully contribute to future developments, I’ve made a paypal contribution (https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/TedTolboom).

And I would like to encourage others that enjoy this app to do the same :slight_smile:


That would indeed be great. This is what keep me from updating the FW on the lock. Many thanks.

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I just have a simple question for @TedTolboom:
Is further developing of this app still on your roadmap?

If so, i’m ready to donate!


Hello. I have added my IDlock 150 to Homey. Though i can’t control anything on the device itself. When trying to for example unlock the door i get request timeout message every time. Yes i have tried to readd the device several times. Yes i have also reset the ID-LOCK. Furtheremore it is strange when i go to the developer tools and click on “test” it says that the ID-lock is reachable…

Second this!

Is this app still being developed? I’m hoping for zigbee support.
I’m willing to donate to keep this development going!


I have the zigbee module and I am hoping to be able to connect it to my homey soon. I regret not buying the z-wave module since it is already working. Hopefully zigbee support will be available soon?

@TedTolboom please…

Edit: updated the locks firmware with the patch dated 04/dec =works flawless now.

Thanks for your great work Ted!

@TedTolboom I appreciate your great work. However, please respond on the future of this app. Will you update it, or may someone else do it?

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Thanks for the appreciation.
I’m waiting for feedback from IDLock on further updating the app; taking also the Zigbee version into account.

As with previous updates, I always accept contributions from others, as long as they are resonable. But I would recommend to align on the approach for these devices (there are some specific features to take into account) first and not work on a full overhaul and present it as one PR.

So far, I have not received such request.