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ID Lock App (v1.2.2)

On Fibaros Home Centre you can manage codes and add a specific user to a specific code. I saw a you tube clip for that.

I saw that on smartthings to. This would be really nice to have

There is beta testing on-going for new firmwares for the IDlock, which will solve both the 1%-bug and the battery draining bug.

A friend of mine is part of the beta testers.
The upgrade process seems easy from an android device.

I’ve just released v1.2.0 to the app store (awaiting approval), with the following changelog:


Awesome work Ted, will try this out during the weekend!

Now available in the app store.

Thanks, as indicated the credits for the user code registration go to Mats Paulsen.
Looking forward to your feedback.

Nice :slight_smile:

How does the user code part work ? Can we add codes in the app, and then they are written to the lock ? Or do we have to create the codes first in the lock, then the same code in the app ?

Sound great. Thanks Ted!
I however don’t find how to register codes. Should it be in settings or as action? I tried exclude and re-include without success.
I do find a flow card trigger for who unlocked door, but it doesn’t do anything. I assume it can only say what code unlocked if registered through Homey?

You first have to create the codes in the lock.
And register the codes at the apps’s settings page. So not the device settings page.
Go to settings > apps > ID Lock > configure app

Advantage of this option is that if you own multiple locks, and configure them identically, they will report the same.

Just tested this as TED wrote. In the config.app. I entered: name = Lars, Index = 1 (for code number 1 on the lock), Type = Key.
Then I created a testflow with the following information:
When… My ID Lock with “somone unlocked the door”
Then… Send push notification to my phone using tag WHO (“WHO” unlocked the door)…

When I unlocked the door, I got a push notification saying “Lars unlocked the door” :smile:


Aha! Thanks Ted and Mats, worked like a charm. Also says when unlocked by Button or Service code. Great work.

Thank you for your work Ted!


Thanks Ted! App works like a charm and I’m really grateful for the update compatible with FW 2.x.x.

Anyone want to share flow inspo that is ID Lock driven?
Sorry if it counts as off topic.


I’m trying to set up a flow that identify the user by tag or key from the WHO tag, that run user specific stuff. I’m stuck and need help but here is my start;
ID Lock 150 - someone unlocked the door

Logic - WHO is exactly Index = 1, Type = Tag (for tag #1)

(User preferences)

So how do I use WHO and with what to specify the user?


I have been looking into how to get the lock to report if away mode is active. And the response i got from idlock support is that it should be able to get the status from the COMMAND_CLASS_CONFIGURATION class parameter 1.
it should report 0 or 1 if away mode is deactivated and 2 or 3 of activated…
Is there any way to pull this parameter after the lock has been locked?
im thinking like a timeout for 20 sec so there is time to activate the away mode then check if its activated and after that trigger a flowcard.


I have solved this and now have awaymode working whit a flowcard. But i didnt manage to add a listener to the Configuration report. So i did a function that polls the setting after the lock i s locked.
Maybe there is a better way to poll the Configuration class?

if anyone want to test this then you can try my fork on github. https://github.com/nanab/no.IDLock


Unable to find any info regarding if the excessive battery drain on idlock 101 is fixed. I pulled my zwave module and not tested after that. Any insights on this matter would be appreciated.

The battery drain issue is NOT related to homey, or the ID Lock App.
I’m not apart of the beta testers, and don’t have full insight. But I know that IDlock are looking in to this issue, and there are beta tests ongoing, both testing new firmwares, and also new hardware.
It’s just some locks that are affected by this issue.

There are two battery related bugs on the lock as far as i know
low-battery-bug The lock reports that it’s low battery (even though it’s not).
I have this issue myself on one of my two locks, I think a firmware update will fix this (when it’s officially available). In homey this bug makes the card say 1% battery
battery-drain-bug The lock drains the battery when the z-wave module is plugged in.
I have not seen this my self, but know of people having this issue, this might be a hardware related problem

I suggest anyone having trouble with this contacting IDLock directly, and maybe report back here for the convenience of others having the same problem.

NOTICE: Again, I don’t have full insight, and I don’t have first hand information, don’t take my word for it when i say it is a hardware bug or a software bug. Contact the support on service@idlock.no or +47 466 202 49

Hi Baron and thanks for you extended reply!

I’m hitting the battery-drain-bug and I am struggling to believe its not an app/homey issue as the lock was not behaving like this while using Zipabox, no excessive drain there. The firmware and functions on the lock is the same. But, i’ve been wrong before, so i will raise an ticket with idlock and see what they say.

Thanks again Baron

Low-Battery-Bug, this on Lock 101 will not be fixed, there will be no updates on 101 for this problem.

Battery-Drain_Bug, was problem with early ver of this app, but is no longer.

If I am wrong, then it is perfect, but I dont think so.

I’m struggling to configure the app properly.

When: Someone unlocked the door
and: Specific user not home (me)
then: Send a push notification: “Who” unlocked the door

The codes are indexed 1-5.

Yesterday I had several notfications pushed to my phone, but they where all “Button opened the door”. So it seems it informs me when someone exits the house, but not when they use their code to get back in. Is there anything in the flow I have missed?

Edit: Regarding the battery drainage. I have updated the lock via the app, changed all batteries last week and have 80% juice left atm.