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ID Lock App (v1.2.2)

@ja.nei.johan That explains it. Thanks. By the way, I see that Athom have released a new firmware today. Can’t see anything regarding z-wave in the description, but I will anyway give it another try tonight.

I gave it another go with v3.1.1. Reset everything to factory and tried English instead of Swedish.
Didn’t work for me… Same as before.
Talked to a guy with a Vera he also have problems. Another controller same problem.
He also have the 01B module fw 1,6.

Made a support request a couple of weeks ago to id lock. They replied talk to homey. Homey support replied talk to the app developer.
Hope @TedTolboom can work something out :+1:t2:

I also gave it another go with v.3.1.1. Same result as @Olle_Friskopps; it didn’t resolve the problem.
It’s a pretty frustrating issue - So yes, let’s hope @TedTolboom can look into our log’s and figure out if this is an App related issue.
Tomorrow i will reach out again to my supplier and ID Lock.

Just tried installing my first ID lock today, got same issues as mentioned above, “already added” etc.

Got my id lock the other day and i ended up with the same problems like above… funny thing when i did a local zwave reset it reset my mastercode as well for some reason. Had some minor issues getting the fw updated but that i solved.

“What you mention with the locks resetting at local reset is as designed. SiLabs, the owner of Z-Wave, added this as a requirement when our module was certified this summer. At a local reset, if associated with a gateway, the lock must also be reset.”
I got this from ID Lock when I contacted them about the same thing a couple of weeks ago. :slight_smile:

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ID lock released a new firmware today:

Unfortunately, I can’t see anything regarding the issue we’re facing in the new version.

I have not tried to include my own - but after owning a Homey for 4 days and moving severalt units from another system - I believe its neither an app-issue or an iDlock-issue. I had a lot of problems including z-wave thermostats and dimmers.

When I try to include i get an error: No z-wave device found. Don’t know if thats the same problem as you guys have, but my solution were to go into homey settings - z-wave, exlude device, and run exclude-procedure on the device. Then I try to add the device again. On some devices I needed to do this maybe 10 times before it include in Homey correctly.

Well, i have not had any problems when including most of my 25+ devices (Heatit therm’s, Fibaro Smoke’s/Flood/Plug’s, Telldus plug’s, Qubino Flush Shutters DC’s and a Aeotec Siren Gen5).
The only issue i’m stuck with is the ID Lock 150 (and a Sensative Comfort strip constantly triggering heat and water alarm)
To minimize issues when including devices, make sure you’re close to the Homey while including (if not possible, connect a powerbank to Homey and move around).
If you experience poor zwave performance to some devices, then disconnect power from Homey for at least 10 minutes, then reconnect power and Homey will rebuild node routes on startup.

Reported the issue to Athom and got this feedback:

"Thank you for reporting this issue!

Unfortunately, this issue concerns an app that is not developed by us, but by a developer in our community.

You can contact the developer of this app via the Appstore. Please report this issue to this developer so he is aware of this issue.

If you have any issues regarding the Homey software or mobile app, feel free to contact us again."

So if some of you haven’t reported the issue to the app-developer, please do this to @TedTolboom here or Github: https://github.com/TedTolboom/no.IDLock/issues/27

Maby this could help him troubleshoot the issue.

Got my iDlock included in Homey on first try today.

What versions are you running? (Homey, Id lock and Z wave module)

Homey Pro - 3.1.1
iDlock updated just before inclusion, 1.5.0 id guess.
Z-wave says 01B written on it, not sure what version this uses.

Are you able to set all parameters, and remotely open and close the lock? I also got it included on one of the first tries, but only some commands worked. After removing it, I haven’t been able to include it again.

Yes, everything seems to work properly.

I got mine included the icon is there but nothing works in term off getting data from the lock or triggering events to it. I run 3.1.1 homey fw and 1.5 fw on the lock and the B version on the z-wave card. I sent a app diag log to Ted. Dont know if it will help him. But i hope it does.