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IGMP Multicast to MQTT solution?

I have a doorbell that works on 433mhz and also connects to an app on my Iphone, for some reason I can’t get the 433mhz connected to my homey, so I can start flows. So I was digging into the network connection to my phone to see if I can get a way to capture that.

What I’ve figured out so far is that it sends out an IGMP v2 multicast, when I press the button, I have the source IP, the destination multicast etc from Wireshark. The big question now is, how to capture this request and send it as for example an mqtt request to homey? (have some pi’s, esp32 etc so hardware ain’t an issue)

I thought my node-red might be of some help, just use the multicast listener, but that needs a portnumber, which I cannot find in Wireshark.

If anyone has a solution it would be amazing

How do you phone and the doorbell connect to each other? BLE?

It seems strange that your phone sends an IGMP message (which is quite a low level protocol). Can you see the message type in Wireshark?