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IKEA Fyrtur blinds not optimal

Hello. Just got myself a IKEA fyrtur rollerblind. The pairing went OK and I can get the blind to move up and down manuelly with the app. But the problem is that I can’t get the blind to go to a specific %. You’re supposed to get the blind to open like 50% but nothing happens. The flow works and I’m pretty sure it’s correct.(if push button, then open 50%) The other thing is that the battery alarm is constantly going, even though the battery is charged 100%. Anyone have a fix? I’m on v7 and latest ikea app.

With or without gateway? But I guess without gateway, right?

I have 2 IKEA Kadrilj roller blinds and use them with the app IKEA Trådfri app (without Gateway) version v1.8.4.
Letting the roller blinds move to a defined % value works for me without any problems.

Have you set the end position? Move the blind to the maximum position and press both buttons on the blind. Then the roller blind moves up a little bit and then down again. I do not know if that could be the problem.

The problem with the battery alarm is a known issue. I informed Athom about this issue twice already. The first time in September 2020. Unfortunately, the error has not been fixed until now. Therefore, I also ask you to contact Athom and report the error.

Thanks for the reply!
For some weird reson it suddenly works. I didn’t do anything :nerd_face:
I can report the battery problem. Should be a easy fix for Athom…

any progress on low battery reporting? Or has Athom not even commented?

This is the last info I received from Athom:

Just asking in the community about the status does not help us all.
My please to all who have these problems, please contact Athom.