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Ikea Symfonisk remote for Sonos

No response yet…

For those using DeCONZ that would like to use the Symfonisk Remote, my PR with Symfonisk sound controller support has been merged into the master branch:


Athom added the Symfonisk Remote Controller on GitHub. So it will probably be available in the next app update.
If you want to know which actions are possible with it, you can have a look at the code.


Thank you for this update! Hoping for the app update soon, so I can try and integrate. Sounds hopeful!

Hi guys!

Is there any update regarding when we can add the Symfonisk controller to Homey?

Many thanks!

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I don’t have any new info. There was no new app update yet either.

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dun see it in the hw list yet :frowning:

There is an experimental tradfri app with the remote support. Didn’t work for me when I just tried for the first time. Maybe because the battery is already empty as the remote was waiting for the app more than a year. Also the volume settings seem confusing/incomplete?

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I don’t get the remote to work either.
So please contact Athom. I already contacted Athom also.

Can confirm issue when adding (too long time to respond after initiating inclusion), however the device gets added. But - does not work, no flow cards seem to respond on button presses

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