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Ikea Tradfri E27 tunable/dimmable bulb supported?

Hi all,

I cannot get the Ikea Tradfri bulb below connected (directly to Homey, I do not want to use their gateway).

Does anyone know if it is supported? I thought this was the tunable buld that Athom is referring to on the particular app page, but I am afraid it isn’t. The app page doesn’t give itemnumbers, so that makes it more difficult to determine…

Anyone having any experience with this bulb?

Unfortunately I don’t have experience with this specific type of bulb.

My experience with the IKEA TRADFRI bulbs is that some of them are a bit tough to add to Homey. Most of my bulbs were added instantly, but some of them I had to reset more than 10 times before they even tried to pair with Homey.

I guess you are well-known with the reset method of these bulbs, so I don’t have to explain it to you :wink: But just in case, 6 times off-and-on with 1 second interval normally does the trick for me.

While adding one of my bulbs, I got too frustrated, so I added it to my Philips Hue gateway. After that, I retried to connect it to Homey and it connected at the first try.

So no answer on your question, but only sharing my experiences :slight_smile:

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I got it working!
The Ikea app in Homey says to switch it 1 time off/on, but that has to be 6 times. Make sure you end with ON.
Start with the ON. Then: off-on-off-on-off-on-off-on-off-on-off-on. The it will flicker/pulsate to indicate it is in learning mode.
I fount it not very easy to get it that far, so keep trying.
Then you can add it in the Ikea app.
All functions work: on/off, dimming and 8 color temperatures.


Does the Tradfri E27 Tunable White 1000 Lumens, work with the ikea app by Athom?