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IKEA Tradfri error every morning


I’ve been using some IKEA bulbs for a while now, having programmed to dim each hour at night, and turn of altogether when I go to sleep. However, for a couple of weeks now, they are all unresponsive in the morning when I activate my ‘good morning’ flow. I have to hard reset Homey, then wait half a minute, for them to respond when I re-activate the flow. Also, the flow gradually increases the intensity of the bulbs in one minute; a feature which was recently introduced but which is not working anymore. Any ideas how to fix this or how to locate the exact issue?


what version of the firmware are you using?



Homey is on 1.5.13


I had the same problem, I sort of fixed with a flow that reboots my homey every night at 04:00. (I’ve read somewhere on the forum about the IKEA Tradfri products time out at a certain moment)

Although its still not the most reliable working system, (The tradfri products still time out / become unresponsive sometimes) this fixed the problem of restarting and readding the lights almost every day.


I’ve thought of that as well! Sounds like it might work. How did you make the flow?


I’ve used the Candy app.
Don’t forget to fill in the API key token in the Candy app settings. (Otherwise it won’t work)



The IKEA problem is a bug, see here: IKEA Tradfri GU10 timeout - unresponsive

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Thanks for the update. Good to know what the exact problem is and that it will be solved some day.