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IKEA Tradfri error every morning

Problem is still occurring. Just got home from work and the IKEA lights were unresponsive… will try to repair them tomorrow, but I fear the worst.

I have the same problem. Now I have the lights upstairs on the Ikea HUB, the rest is still on Homey waiting for the V2.1 update :wink:

or start using the IKEA gateway app for Homey, works great for me :slight_smile:

I might have found a solution.
The Zigbee bulbs suffer from inactivity, right? So now I regularly change the bulbs throughout the day, just slightly with a relativity of one percent.
And at night (just before the ‘Wake up Light’ flow) I’ll just dim them to zero percent (assuming they’re already off).

Worked this morning. Let’s see how long it will last.

Smart, hope this works for now untill zigbee rewrite. Keep us on the altitude :wink:

Update: did not work the last two nights.

Tried something new: I quickly turn the lights on and off, repeating every 180 minutes and only if the lamps are off and when I am asleep.

Worked last night. And they didn’t wake me up. Let’s see how this works next week!

Hey I don’t know if you’re still having problems with the IKEA Trafri lights?

But I’ve bought the IKEA Tradfri gateway a week ago, (@robertklep thanks for the tip!)
and this works great! I haven’t got any problems with the lights since.

I have all my Ikea light bulbs installed in Homey directly and use them in a lot of flows. If I now buy a gateway do I then have to re-map all the light bulbs and update my flows?


Ok Thanks for the quick and clear answer

I had the same problem, but I prefer updating them all one time then all the frustration that comes with the timeout problem haha :stuck_out_tongue:

Updating will not resolve the error of unresponsive lights etc.
This is related to the ZigBee core that will at one time receive an update.
An employee that anwserd the isseu i reported.
At this time homey can only address 15 devices in a ZigBee network after that the discribed problems will occur.
Here is his answer.

''The problem is not the amount of routers or the mesh network, but the amount of devices Homey can control and retrieve data from. This is exactly why your devices get unresponsive, lights might not turn on or off, or data readings like the one you emailed us about today are incorrect or appear to be “frozen”. If you want a better experience now, I advice you to delete several devices that you don’t use regularly, or can do without until we are done fixing this problem.

Best Regards,


Good to know a little bit more about this. But for me installing the IKEA Tradfri gateway helped. Is this because Homey see the gateway as 1 zigbee device? (My technical knowledge isn’t that great) Wich cut down the amount of zigbee devices I’m using below 15.

If thats the case, using the gateway is a good way of keeping the number of zigbee devices low.

No, the gateway is a regular network (TCP/IP) device with an interface that the Tradfri Gateway app talks to. From Homey’s point of view, there’s no Zigbee involved (that’s all handled by the gateway device).

Ok, thanks for making it clear. Very happy that I bought it because the tradfri horror is over now haha.

Sorry, but I think the problem is that the bulbs lost the connection, I reboot my homey every 5 hours and I haven’t got any problems with my 2 ikea bulbs anymore.

I fixed most of my zigbee device related bugs by adding delays between the actions. Not only with zigbee, but all devices. I think homey cannot control too many actions/devices at one moment. It runs on tilt. There are some ikea bulbs in my house that however are not working well. I added them to my hue bridge and now they are stable. But the bulbs that are connected to homey directly that are working, keeps working.

Tried the same for some time ago.
Adding a delay with every single device action.
My experience is this does not fix ZigBee on homey.
At this moment like an employee of homey answerd homey is capable of controlling up to 15 devices.
He also stated that it is not router or end device related.
So if your network expands and more devices are connected homey disconnects devices or they become unresponsive.
What you discribed when you connected bulbs to the hue bridge your other bulbs keep working.
My opinion is that less devices are connected that is the reason you other ZigBee devices are working fine atm

But then that stil solves the problem of too many zigbee devices right?

If you have 20 Tradfri bulbs and decide to have half of them controlled via the tradfri gateway that is controlled via TCP/IP by homey, then you only have 10 left that Homey has to control via zigbee.
And since 10 is below 15, the max zigbee devices is not an issue anymore.

Or is my reasoning in some way wrong?

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No, you’re correct: if you change Zigbee devices from being controlled by Homey to being controlled by the Tradfri gateway, the number of Zigbee devices connected to Homey will decrease.

FWIW, the 15-device limit only relates to the number of devices directly connected to Homey. If you have working routers in your Zigbee network, any devices connected through those routers will not count towards the 15-device limit.