IKEA Tradfri GU10 timeout - unresponsive


I have paired the turnable GU10 lights by IKEA but after sometime I can’t do anything with them, they become unresponsive and I get error: "Something went wrong addressing device IKEA light (Timed out after 5000ms). I paired two times already, reinstalled IKEA App and even tried Beta. No help. After some time lights become unresponsive. What can I do??? Ps. its good wifi coverage and Homey is not far. THANKS!


There was issue with ZigBee network in latest update and after couple of restartings of Homey it seems to be working now…


Had the same isue here. But have hue lights and ikea lights in the same zigbee network. Now I have changed that. Ikea gu10 on the hue bridge and hue light direct on homey. Till now (almost 2weeks) no problems, before i had to reboot once a week because the time out errors.


I have the same problem, problem keeps returning… also after reboot…


Luckly I had Philips Hue Hub and I have added Ikea lights to that hub and it works great! After that just add Hub lights to Homey. I had to restart Homey every day for Ikea to work but this is best solution!


It was working fine but after the latest release (1.5.12) the bug showed up.


Same here. It was working perfect, but now the Ikea lights are unreliable :disappointed: