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IKEA Trådfri smart-curtains (FYRTUR and KADRILJ)


So, the Trådfri smart-curtains are now official, and can already be found in some IKEAs in Germany, according to this article.

From February 2nd, they can also be ordered online.

The product works with a removable battery-pack than can be charged with (what seems to be) micro-USB, which everyone has millions of at home.
I can’t seem to find anything about battery-life or if the curtains can be cut shorter, but considering their normal curtains can, I don’t see how this can’t (unless they have hidden tech in the whole frame and a motor on each side of the curtain?).

Here are the sizes and prices:
Fyrtur (Opaque)

  • 60 x 195cm: €119
  • 80 x 195cm: €129
  • 100 x 195cm: €139
  • 120 x 195cm: €149
  • 140 x 195cm: €159

Kadrilj (slightly opaque)

  • 60 x 195cm: €99
  • 80 x 195cm: €109
  • 100 x 195cm: €119
  • 120 x 195cm: €129
  • 140 x 195cm: €139

I’m no developer, so I will have to wait until someone adds it to the Homey Trådfri app before I purchase one, but I just wanted to create a common topic for these curtains for discussion and to share experiences.

I honestly can’t wait to say “Okay Homey, we want to watch TV”, after which the room darkens and everything necessary turns on.


I am so sad that my curtains need to be 228cm in height…

However, in my experience battery powered devices that need to “listen” to signals 24/7 is not a good combination. But perhaps you can remove the battery pack and just power them via micro-USB?


Are these battery powered? It doesn’t have to be a big problem. Zigbee, as far as I can find out, has very low power usage when just listening. And since you won’t open/close your curtains every 15 minutes I guess it shouldn’t be a big issue here.

I just inspected the manual and if you check page 6 it uses battery pack. According to the battery specifics it has a capacity of 2600mA / 18.72Wh.


I just measured my curtains, and they’re 151cm wide (the cloth part of it), so looks like I won’t be able to use these. Shame!
Let’s hope IKEA will make a “combine with any roller curtain”-kind of system.


The carefull reader will also have noticed that the as a standard supplied power supply, that can be used to charge the battery, is as a matter of fact a Zigbee Signal repeater!

More info about the repeater:


same here. We have windows that are 2 meters wide… so hopefully they are going to make larger units in the future