IKEA Trådfri Smart Plug Remote


I could not find a generic IKEA topic so i made a new one.

I bought a IKEA smart plug and it works great.
The did run out of stock for the plug only device so i bought one with a remote.
The plug was installed very easy

I did try to add the remote to Homey it did pair but it is not working correctly.
it looks like the information is there in homey as it is seen as a on/off switch from IKEA but show as a unknown device.
The info on the remote is Type:E1743

Is there a way to get this working?

Thanks in advance


Short answer: No.

A bit more information on the matter: Not before Athom has rewritten the Zigbee code. Until then you can add the plug like you did and then pair it separately with an IKEA bulb or control outlet that has already been paired with Homey. This enabling you to control the devices both using the button and Homey.


Thanks for the information.
I do not need the button to turn on the plug i have Homey to do that.
But it would be nice to use the button for something else of course.
Then i just have to be patient and wait until 2019-2020 for the homey update :zipper_mouth_face: