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Ikea turnable dimmer for vol+/- Sonos?

I have both a Ikea Gateway (but not using it) and a Ikea rotating dimmer (not using that either). Is that what you need? Can I help?

But I am very limited when it comes to time.
So if I don’t respond then you know why…

@Rocodamelsheki Yes, I got the cube rotation working :slight_smile: Thanks for the feedback :+1:

@Henk_Renting I got an answer from someone else who owns a rotating dimmer:

  • They do not act as a button
  • They do not have a physical min and max
  • The rotating behavior works the same as for the Xiaomi cubes. Turning right will give you positive values and turning it left will give you negative values.

So if you were to get one you could use it to control your volume. You could configure it like @Rocodamelsheki said:

However, the dimmers don’t seem to be available anymore, at least in the Netherlands. A good alternative could be getting a Xiaomi Cube, then you could also control the on/off behavior of your Sonos device.

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