Image grabber


Hello, I have a problem with the app image grabber and telegram.

When my doorbel rings i get a telegram message and a picture. The problem is i allways get the same picture its not a new one. So its a cache thing i think. But how can i clear it so i will get everytime a new picture.

When i use the image url in the browser i will get everytime a new one. So its a problem with the memory of homey ? @Jorden maybe you can help me ?


Make sure your flows are as follows:

Flow 1:
Trigger -> doorbell rings
Action -> Grab image

Flow 2:
Trigger -> Image is grabbed
Action -> Send image on Telegram (drag “image” from the ImageGrabber trigger to the image field)

If you use the image tag from the tag box in Homey, it will probably not work.


Thanks it was the image tag :rage:

serieusly a week trying and its just a bug :stuck_out_tongue:


Is it also possible to send the image to 2 telegram accounts?
If i add the second account a very old image is send to this one.


I think it should work, as long as you drag the tag from the flowcard to the Telegram accounts.