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Not really off-topic, but some time ago I found some “other” Homey Communities…
Maybe time to Sum-up and share?

The Homey Communities:

You! Me! We! people all over the World (from the first Kickstarter release) and to reach these people a big part of the forum and on Slack are in English.

These where started/facilitated from Athom: (https://www.athom.com/community)

For the Forum the bug tracking system (Github) and Chat (Slack) you need to create a separate account (username/password) if you wish to participate with the community.

But I (we) also found these: (by lanuage)




Who knows other? Please add it or PM me (at @Dijker) or an other Moderator…

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Reserved for future info.


Originaly from: JBendz

Other Smart home Facebook Cummunities:
For people interested in Smart Homes I can also recommend the Facebook group Svenska Hemautomatiseringsgruppen (https://www.facebook.com/groups/SHgruppen/), also in Swedish but with 27 000 active members it’s quite fun to follow, and Facebook translate works quite well.


Good work! :grinning:

The Official Community Forum https://forum.athom.com/ 

Link needs an update. :slight_smile:


Updated, thnx.


The trello board with the timeline is not available for me anymore. Anyone knows if i need a login or if it is gone?


You are right,
that one was from the start and not maintained regularly and not much of a real timeline so this old information is removed.

Please read the Athom blogs for more info about the way Athom goes.

So I removed it in the post!


Ok good you removed it. However i really liked the idea of trello. People could follow and vote on features. That was a breakthrough in product democracy and gives you the feeling you are part of the team. The page you send me now is just marketing but guess that happens when you grow bigger…