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Not really off-topic, but some time ago I found some “other” Homey Communities…
Maybe time to Sum-up and share?

The Homey Communities:

You! Me! We! people all over the World (from the first Kickstarter release) and to reach these people a big part of the forum and on Slack are in English.

These where started/facilitated from Athom: (https://www.athom.com/community)

For the Forum the bug tracking system (Github) and Chat (Slack) you need to create a separate account (username/password) if you wish to participate with the community.

But I (we) also found these: (by lanuage)




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Other Smart home Facebook Cummunities:
For people interested in Smart Homes I can also recommend the Facebook group Svenska Hemautomatiseringsgruppen (https://www.facebook.com/groups/SHgruppen/), also in Swedish but with 27 000 active members it’s quite fun to follow, and Facebook translate works quite well.


Good work! :grinning:

The Official Community Forum https://forum.athom.com/ 

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Updated, thnx.