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INNR, Plugwise and Ubisys Zigbee Apps

Just a status report concerning my Zigbee apps for Firmware 5.0.0:

The INNR app is already available with some smaller remarks. The Remote is work in progress, so not fully supported yet. The FL 1X0 C (for example the FL 120 C) is not supported yet. I have received a sample from INNR and it’s a matter of time (a few weeks because i’m on holiday now) before it will be available.

The Plugwise Zigbee and Ubisys Smarthome apps are work in progress. I did start with it, but because of my holiday it will take a few weeks before done.

@Henk_Renting thx for the initiative and @TedTolboom thx for mentioning me and your support.

Many thx to the community users that donated, much appreciated!


Great work! For the Ubisys SmartHome app, would it now with Firmware 5.0.0 be possible to add support for configuration of the input-types?

That’s one of the things I want to look in to, because in the current stable firmware the specific cluster isn’t supported

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