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very handy, Insights! realy usefull and a great idea! now perfect it by making some different styles of graphs. for example energy readings is just a spike in a graph, it is more usefull to see the total amount of energy used over a day or other period. the same goes for gas usage, just make a bar graph?


So just curious, beside i think you have good points with your post. but its just a post to express your thoughts with your fellow homey users? Or is it a messege to Athom??

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well it could be, but want to hear your thoughts. most of the time ideas already been posted or discussed somewhere else.

it is all just the same graph, anyone got more ideas for other devices registering crucial information?

my plugwise P1 only records the total amount of energy over time and the actual energy consumed at the time, no days/weeks/months.
the fibaro plugs do the same.

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Well it records it but i have to add everything in order to get a reading over a day or month. Would really like it to be a daily use kind of graph just like toon or the plugwise app for example


Wel to be onest, my thoughts about it wont help because, i dont give a sh.t about the insights :joy: The only time using them is when for example i want do something with a luxe value in a flow or something.

Iam sure others have thought about it. But again the idea ive give points for. So maybe you can share it with athom themself


Not sure what you mean by that, but my Plugwise shows every possible graph i want. Hour, day, week, month, all of it. Or do you mean that Insights doesn’t record or shows that?


Yes the plugwise app does it the way i like insights to show it. But with all statistics. Like fibaro plugs


With the exported .csv files you can use Excel to make any graph type you like. So also bar graphs :slight_smile:


You’re right. That isn’t available in Insights indeed.


Insights page is great but it is just not practical for quick overview of energy usage or temperature history for example on mobile. You need to close the app, open browser and them search for device to display the graph… So make graphs available under each device in the mobile App. Don’t know why this basic feature is not implememted. All the “mobile first” talk but in the end everything is scatered all over the place…

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I use insights quite frequently and it disturbs me that you can’t zoom-in, zoom-out, collate (two or more graphs in one), change scales etc. etc.
I even have a graph with negative values and there is no line at the zero. Witch makes it hard to read.
I used to have a Domoticz setup before moving to Homey. And Domoticz has way better graph capabilities. @Athom please take a look at Domoticz graphs and upgrade the capabilities of Homey Insights…!
Please make the insights useful…
Example of my negative graph:


Wel as mention lot of times on the forum, athom isnt reading the forum most of the time. And its a communty forum. So if having suggestions for athom you need to contact them directly.

How… you can use the search function for, or just read the welcome post.

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As mentioned

This is a community forum and your posts, questions and suggestions will not be read by Athom. You can read more about this here Welcome to the forum.

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