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IOS Presence app (locative)

The url for the webhook. Something like:


I pasted that into the global HTTP URL.
And when i press test, nothing happens

homey-cloud-id is ur cloud id found in the link i gave u in the first post aye?
Replace homey-cloud-id with ur own id. And replace “event” and the last “tag” with ur own.

Doh, that one was on me, i should have understod that. I got it working now. Thank you for your help and patience with my stupid questions.


Works like a charm, very fast. When i look at IFTTT, Locative is between 3min-30 min quicker as IFTTT untill I have presence updates. Only minor point is the radius. Which is quit small at the maximum.


is the TAG in englisch “in this flow” in dutch lokale tags?? because i can not find a tag “in this flow”

Do you mean this?

That will be correct. The tag is on top of the “ page” under local tags/lokale tags

Works great, only thing is that it sets us as away and then right back to home in a matter of seconds, this happens numerous times a day. Mostly for my gf

Maybe increase the radius a bit?

Tried that, but guess i could do it even further.
What is recommended?

App still gets updates:

Using this app for 4 weeks now on an iPhone Xs Max and never failed me. How are ur experiences so far for this app guys?

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I’ve also been using it for a while now next to the Homey V1 for my production Homey and V2 app for my development Homey.
Locative has been spot on, leaving and returning, just as the V1 app. Homey V2 app always sees me leaving but will not inform me when I’m back until I open the app.

I’ve been using locative and geofancy for a few days now to test. Both work very well and reliable. Geofancy is not free but seems to be used much more so more certain it will be continued.

Using it now for weeks and it is absolute awesome. At last a working presence app. Homey,IFTTT, Nest are unrealiable or very slow. Within seconds of moving out of the fixed radius gives a notification. Works awesome with a sonos flow. Outside radius Sonos off, inside radius Sonos on. Perfect.

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That depends if the developer keeps paying there yearly developer fee.
As long as he keeps paying the app will stay available in the app store. (Unless he removes it manually of course)

Yesterday started using locative.
First impression is Good.
Using ip7

Working like charm

is it possible that the web-hook is not working well anymore?
I am not set as home. When i test it in the app i am home again but ut does not happen automatically
I have started using geofency but that shoud not be the problem. in this app i can test connection entry or exit
it worked like a charm for 21 days :frowning: