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IOS Presence app (locative)

Sweet worked direcly :heart::heart::heart:

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1 pic says so much more then a thousand words, cheers m8!

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If you are awesome and know what to look for :slight_smile:
Now to start a new threat with some ideas :slight_smile:

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Hi Roco, what’s the difference between the URL in the settings and the 2 URLs in the geofence part? Can we only add the 2 URL in the geofence and not the global one?

Should the Locative app be open at all time in the iphone?


Url in the settings is the basic url.
URLs in the geo part is where u set a zone with its own url. Like home or work.
App don’t have to be open, just installed and set to always use gps

If i understand well, the URL in the settings will send a GET for every geofences wich don’t have their own URLs. Am i right?

Looks like it’s just to test

The Andriod version can be found

Thnks I am going to try it. Tried everything nothing worked properly. So I hope this works.

Well, I can tell u it works. For several months here and never failed me.

I second that. I went back and forth using other presence meanings but so far nothing beats Locative for reliability.

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I had it good working for a couple of days but now it’s to late… Dam had really good hope.

Too late for what?

2 days?

For 2 days indeed. It’s to late before it sets me as home. It’s like 2 mins late when I am home. First 2 days it sets me home when I drove in to the carport. Now my alarm sets of.

And u played a little with the range/radius?

Yes I did now had it on 250 meters also tried 300 but same result. How much meters did you set it?

Mine is on max. But play with it a little with the radius and make sure the app is allowed to get location all the time in iPhone settings.

Mine is on minimum. And it detects me just when I get about 10m in front of my house. Which is perfect. When I leave it takes more to detect, thought.

I have very bad mobile phone reception at home and then it can also happen that the “Presence App” (whichever one is used) detects the entry via geolocation, but the Webhook is not sent from the mobil phone or it is sent too late.

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I have changed to tasker and it works great on my Android. Last problem I have that is when I enter the ‘home’ zone it sets me 2 a 3 times on home not home back to home. I don’t enter leave enter the circle but at least my alarm doesn’t goes crazy when I enter my door :slight_smile: