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IOS Presence app (locative)

After creating a location in Locative, the Radius and Location Id is at maximum. Changing / adjusting is no longer possible. Should this be so? I would like to adjust the value.

I can still adjust it using the slider

Both from the Apple app store, is there (are there) similar Android app’s?
(the android Locative 3.1.0 app (2018) is not working properly)
update: Map is not working properly (google)

Since yesterday (updated locative), my flows seem broken. Anyone who has experienced the same?

Must say something changed yes but flows keep running here. Need to investigate more.

Same here,
I updated and not working anymore,
At my wives iphone old version is ok.
But maybe the new shotcuts, just announced in the blog “ Start your Favorite Flows with Siri Shortcuts” is now usable.

Same. Mine’s stopped working 2 days ago. Wife’s still works, hasn’t updated the app, yet.

About siri shortcuts is a nogo.
It ask some kind of action, so it is not automatical.
hope someone finds the way to use locative again.
I’ve not found it yet.

Got it working again. But with the paid version which is required to create a “Request Designer”
I didn’t paid, though, just 3 days free trial.

Plz change the part in the AND colom from “is exactly” to “contains” .


It works! Cheers m8.
Maybe stupid question, why did u create a text variable? I just change in the AND part “is exactly” with “contains”. Everything else is the same

That’s my mistake. Mixed up logic and better logic me guess

Ofc I forgive u for that
Maybe u can now insert a note to ur first post?

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But like Danoontje mentioned: change the “is exactly “ with “contains” and locative should work like before.

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Gonna adjust the OP tonight, good point.

Edit: OP adjusted with the correct info.

From a very reliable source I heard that it was a bug in de Locative app and they fixed that. So it now should work like before. No need to adjust the flows again because both “is exactly “ and “contains “ will work.

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On which setting do i set the ‘access to location’ in IOS settings? Is it mandatory to set it to always?

That will be in “settings/Locative” . When set to “always” the app can trigger automagically .
Like otherwise u need to open the app every time u leave or enter u know?

Okay thanks, so setting it to always does the trick

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Also correct permissions in iOS app?
And another phone has its own fences ofc.