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Is a professional alarm possible?


Hi All,

I currently have a Galaxy 80 alarm system in my house with window sensors, motion sensors and window breaking sensors in place. It’s about 15 years old already and I’m thinking about replacing it using z-wave sensors and homey, though I’m a bit worried that it’s not yet possible to create a professional alarm this way.

For the motion sensors I’m considering the Fibaro Motion sensor, it’s z-wave plus and secured / encrypted. Though it is extremely small and I doubt that it is just as reliable as “real” alarm motion sensors.

The window sensors could also be the Fibaro sensors, but it seems as if they only have the z-wave and not the z-wave plus. I’m a bit worried about the security on that part.

Also I currently have about 30 z-wave repeaters in the form of Fibaro dimmers within my house, but it’s still not a stable z-wave network. I guess this has to do with the broken Homey z-wave mesh support I read about within this forum. Last thing I would want is false positives.

I don’t see any homey compatible window-break detectors based on z-wave yet?

Heimdall seemed to be fine in order to manage the alarm flows and I believe Homey itself is secure enough to perform these functions by now?

But how can I integrate an alarm service to respond to the alarm? I can have homey sending me a push-message in case of an alarm, put all the lights to full, ring the alarm sirens, but how does (we currently have Securitas) know about the alarm?

And how do we securely arm/disarm the alarm? I currently have the galaxy panels, but there seems to be no way to connect them to homey. A switch to toggle the alarm from mobile would work, but is it secure enough?

Any thougts about this? I’d rather have full open z-wave sensors then buy a new alarm that is homey compatible because it would be more flexible, but I doubt it’s professional enough for this already.


I wouldn’t risk using it as your primary alarm base (e.g. Heimdal and all z-wave) if I were you. Homey still has a lot of bugs and weird stuff going on that would impair the accuracy and reliability of your alarm system. It’s okay for basic automation but it’s nowhere near the reliability level you’d want or expect for an alarm system.

You could however use something like the Fibaro Universal Binary Sensor or the likes to turn on/off your existing alarm system. The new version they just announced would also allow you to turn the contacts on/off by z-wave.


To be honest, I don’t think you can see Homey as a replacement for a ‘real’ alarm system as it’s missing some vital things such as a backup battery and relies on wifi and an available internet connection to communicate with the outside world.
Replacing the Galaxy 80 with for example a Galaxy Flex and reusing your current sensors is a more sensible path to follow in my opinion


Thanks for the quick replies. The current sensors are about 15 years old as well that’s why I’d like to replace everything (window sensor and motion sensors from Fibaro are way smaller then what I have now and I assume in 15 years time technology became better as well / the old sensors will probably be end of live soon).

I got the backup battery issue for homey solved, there is a simple powerbank in between and that works fine. My wifi, router, etc. is also connected to a UPS within the fusebox. Tested this and if I shut down the main fuses homey and the internet connection for homey are still stable.

Big issue is the connection to the security agency and the reliability of this Homey / domotica based alarm. I think your right and its simply too amateuristic to use this as a reliable alarm. Hope to see that change somewhere within the future.


Yeah, connecting to the security agency is the only issue left in your setup. I thought about looking into the SIA protocol to implement it in Heimdall but decided not to at that time because it would require at least a UPS setup you’re describing here and not many Homey users would have that.


If your current alarm system is hard wired I would never switch to Homey. There’s nothing more reliable than wire. Radio frequencies can be jammed which is an extra risk. Heimdall is a perfect solution (I use it myself) but unfortunately Homey sometimes is quite unreliable.